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Yuna from ITZY

Most of the K-pop fans who spoke about Yuna’s health were really there to show their concern. But it seems that some netizens were on a totally different page. Specifically, a page filled with hate. Notably, some commenters continued to body-shame member ITZY.

Although most fans believe that Yuna’s ribs were only severely visible due to the editing or lighting, haters continued to flock to ITZY’s recent fancam to judge and shame the idol. of K-pop.

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Members of ITZY and MIDZYs protect Yuna as she is one of the sweetest K-pop idols in the industry. The ITZY member is also popular for his beauty and incredible physique. Thus, it was surprising for fans to see Internet users denigrating Yuna for her figure.


To show their support and love, K-pop fans created the hashtag #YunaYouAreBeautiful trending on Twitter. Along with the hashtag, photos and posts from ITZY fans contain sweet words of encouragement for Yuna.

Fans of the K-pop idol wish ITZY’s Yuna could see their warm messages for her. No one deserves hate, especially people as kind and as innocent as K-pop idol maknae.

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Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding ITZY and other K-pop idols!

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