Yub Nub! Artist Duo Gurihiru on his Adorable Ewok Statue “Little Rebels” – Exclusivity

Comic Book Team Discuss Reimagining Classic Moment For Kotobukiya’s Star wars Artist series.

Ewoks will soon be even cuter – thanks to artist duo Gurihiru.

Gurihiru – made up of illustrator and inker Chifuyu Sasaki and colorist Naoko Kawano – brought his colorful and lively Disney-meets-anime style to Kotobukiya’s popular ARTFX Star wars Artist Series line, creating a new statue featuring the most adorable and hairiest beings in the galaxy. The result is “Battle of Endor – Little Rebels”, a fun reimagining of the climactic clash at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, representative of the Ewoks in combat against an AT-ST. The piece, revealed exclusively on StarWars.com and available for pre-order now, is inspired by the team’s first trip to the galaxy far, far away.

Previously we worked on the Star Wars Japanese-English Dictionary and did a similar piece based on the AT-ST scene ”, Kawano tells StarWars.com. “We both loved it, and I think we had it on our minds.”

Gurihiru gained popularity thanks to acclaimed comic book works including Marvel’s Power supply and The Fantastic Four. But for “Little Rebels,” the duo were determined to take advantage of the form.

Ewok Statue

I wanted to do something that you can’t easily express in an illustration, ”Sasaki says. “To make sure the statue can be appreciated from all angles, we came up with the diorama style for this project. With Ewoks, I think the most iconic scene is where they fight against the AT-STs. So I made a sketch based on this scene and revised it together.

While it is obviously based on the Battle of Endor, Sasaki and Kawano were careful to include nods to the history of the Ewok. “During the research I discovered Kneesaa, who appeared in the animated series [Ewoks], with white fur and pink suit. I really wanted to include it, ”Sasaki says. But the biggest hit of “Little Rebels” is that it looks like a Gurihiru piece coming to life, with the duo’s expressive style intact, and a sense of action and humor, as the Ewoks aim bows and arrows, blow horns and leap as they swarm the AT-ST.

Ewok Statue Ewok Statue Ewok Statue

I love the way the stylized Ewoks are made, ”says Sasaki. “I think we captured their tailless buttocks and short legs in such a cute way.”

I really like Kneesaa, who is hiding behind [the AT-ST head], and Widdle, who peeks behind the rock, ”adds Kawano. “They’re a little harder to spot, but once you look at them from other angles you can appreciate the pretty surprises.”

Both are delighted that fans are seeing “Little Rebels” in person, and for the opportunity to return to Star wars.

“Our previous work with Star wars were all in two-dimensional format, so I was very happy to have the chance to work with the 3D format, ”explains Kawano.

“It is such an honor to see our art presented in this way,” said Sasaki.

“Battle of Endor – Little Rebels” is available for pre-order now.

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