Young K-pop voices arrive at the Davis Theater in Montgomery on Friday

Two years ago, while answering quick questions online from fans around the world, 17-year-old American K-pop singer Jay Chang was in the early stages of learning Korean. .

For good reason, since he was planning to start as an artist in South Korea.

“The best way to learn Korean is to have Korean friends and have conversations with them,” Chang told his fans.

This week, he and a group of his friends come to Montgomery for the city’s very first K-pop concert at the Davis Theater at Troy University, 251 Montgomery St. For those unfamiliar with the genre, the K- pop is Korean popular music.

K-pop arrives in Montgomery on Friday at the Davis Theater at Troy University, starring Jay Chang, Beohman, Inter Girls, Keezy, Luminus and Awura.  The event is sponsored by A-KEEP.

Music and dancing start at 7 p.m., but come early. Doors open at 6 p.m. and a traditional hanbok (Korean clothing) fashion show will be held at 6.30 p.m.

Along with Chang, the concert stars another New York-born K-pop singer, Beohman. Chang and Beohman are frequent tour partners and have both recently returned to the United States.

Inter Girls, Keezy, Luminus and Awura are also on the program for Friday.

Inter Girls, a South Korean-born group from Inter BD Entertainment, are a pre-debut group (Lee Yerim, Lee Kyungbin, Jung Dawoon, Shin Nayoung and Lee Jeongwon) on their first tour of the United States. Their current premier is later this year.

After being featured with Brooklyn in 2017 on the song “Nothing I Won’t Do.” Keezy released his new album “Enter Keezy” this year.

Jiwon and Doe form the Luminus duo. Doe is also a solo artist who goes through Awura and DJ Mixxblu.

Tickets cost $ 35 and can be purchased online at

Learn more about A-KEEP online at

More with Jay Chang

Chang still enjoys chatting with his fans and friends a lot and has his own Twitch channel @JayChangTV.

In a recent episode, Chang explained how he wrote “Four Seasons,” a song about a point of view that calmed his mind.

“This song is literally four chords,” he said. “The two songs that inspired this inspired the chords and the strum pattern.” These songs are “Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar and “Coffee” by K-pop group BTS.

“What a lot of people tell me is they think the song (‘Four Seasons’) is about a girl,” Chang said. “The four seasons always alternate. They always come and go. It’s always different. But that person stays constant, and he brings comfort and love into your life. That’s what a lot of people do. pair, and that would be awesome. You can have your own meaning in my songs. But for this one, one of the things that kept me sane when I was trapped in my own head, the only thing that kept me going or kept me sane was looking outside a window. Yes, I wrote this song on a window. “

Chang is part of a growing field of international artists drawn to the K-pop genre. He is frequently asked about his heritage, which is not Korean.

“I am a Filipino quarter, a Chinese quarter, a Hungarian quarter and an Irish quarter,” he said.

Chang said he enjoyed singing ballads and R&B.

“My voice is a bit better for R&B, but I like to sing both,” said Chang, who is also a multi-instrumentalist. He has been playing the drums since the age of three.

“I can play a few chords on the guitar, but I’m not a crazy guitarist,” he said.

Chang also said he was a huge fan of BTS.

“My favorite BTS song is ‘Fire’ because it’s the first K-pop song I’ve ever heard,” he said.

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