Who is Lesserafim? HYBE’s new girl group has 2 members IZ*ONE

IZ*ONE was one of the biggest fourth-generation girl groups that consistently broke records. In fact, their massive fan base showed their loyalty by raising over $2.6 million to help the girls reunite when their agency shared that the girl group had disbanded. Since the twelve-member project group was formed through the survival show “Produce 48,” they only had a 3-year contract. Even though fans were discouraged, they are now supporting each member’s new career either solo or by joining HYBE’s new girl group, Lesserafim.

Known as the label of BTS, BigHit branched out and became HYBE Labels, a parent company of several K-pop subsidiary agencies like BigHit, Belift, Pledis and Source Music. They are home to many popular K-pop boy groups like BTS, Seventeen, TXT and Enhypen. It was later reported that they were trying to acquire new girl groups by signing to the already launched girl group fromis_9. They are now launching their own girl group Lesserafim under Source Music agency.

Will IZ*ONE’s Chaewon and Sakura join HYBE’s new girl group? Fans fear it will end like GFriend

Hybe Launches Survival Show “I-Land 2,” Fans Hope Chaewon And Sakura Won’t Be In It

Chaewon and Sakura may join HYBE’s new girl group (@official_izone/Instagram)

Chaewon And Sakura Debut In New Girl Group HYBE

Previously, there were rumors that IZ*ONE members Kim Chaewon and Miyawaki Sakura would be joining HYBE’s new girl group. The group that would be called Lesserafim will also add more contestants to “Produce 48,” the show that formed IZ*ONE. Reports suggest that HYBE and Chaewon’s agency Woollim had signed an exclusive deal that would see her debut with Lesserafim. They also claimed that HYBE was in talks with Sakura’s Japanese label, Vernalossom.

It was then announced that HYBE would be teaming up with Mnet for K-pop girl group survival show “I-Land 2,” the sequel to “I-Land” which formed their boy group Enhypen. Fans were hoping that Chaewon and Sakura wouldn’t have to go through another survival show just to debut a 3-year-old project group. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to Esquire Korea, HYBE’s Source Music would launch a girl group called Lesserafim with members who had participated in “Produce 48”. It currently includes Sakura, Chaewon, Heo Yun-jin, and Yoon Chae-bin.

Where is the rest of IZ*ONE

As for the rest of IZ*ONE, leader Eunbi was the first member to go solo with his debut EP “Open” in 2021. Hyewon released “W,” a special solo album for fans in December 2021. Choi Yena made her solo debut with “Smiley” on January 17. Chaeyeon turned heads when she joined the girl’s dance team survival show ‘Street Woman Fighter’. Minju is currently hosting the music show ‘Music Core’. Nako returned to her J-pop group HKT48 but was recently embroiled in rumors that she was being bullied by her Japanese members for her stint with IZ*ONE.

Hitomi also returned to her J-pop group AKB48. Yuri made his solo debut in October 2021 with “Glassy”. Ahn Yujin is the MC of the music show “Inkigayo” and also the leader of the popular rookie group IVE. Maknae (the youngest) Wonyoung is also part of IVE along with Yujin.

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