Who is Fujii Kaze? Meet viral singer Shinunoga E-Wa and his equally impressive discography

Almost everyone has heard of the viral song Shinunoga E-Wa, but they might not know the voice behind the song. Fujii Kaze, or the singer of Shinunoga E-Wais a 25 year old Japanese R&B artist who achieved unprecedented success with his debut album and single.

The singer has been posting cover songs on his YouTube channel since he was 12 but officially debuted in 2019 with the wings Nan-Nan and Moh-Eh-Wa. Both singles were reissued as part of her debut album Help never hurt neverwhich has 11 titles in total, including the viral tik tok Shinunoga E-Wawhich reached No. 1 on Billboard Japan’s Hot Albums chart.

His second album, Love them all, serve them all, also achieved this feat and also topped the Oricon Albums Chart. Additionally, it was certified platinum by RIAJ. Kaze’s effortless vocals, fresh melodies and captivating charm have captured the hearts of people around the world. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the songs from his impeccable discography.

Kirari, Matsuriand 3 other Fujii Kaze songs that everyone should have in their playlists

1) Shinunoga E-Wa

youtube cover

The song propelled an already popular Fujii Kaze into global fame, with his song being used in several celebrity edits across all social media platforms. While some people uploaded videos of themselves singing the song, others posted instrumental covers of Shinunoga E-Wa. The song reached number three on the Spotify US Viral 50 charts. It is currently still in the top 10 and has over 115 million streams on Spotify.

Shinunoga E-Wa translates to “I’d Rather Die” and is sung from the perspective of a lover who would choose death over being separated or away from their loved one. His crisp, hoarse voiceslayered with an intoxicating melody, can put listeners into a trance-like state, making the song an instant hit.

2) Kirari

youtube cover

Kirari translates to “shine” in English and is a reminder to value the everyday things one ignores. The song’s message is to observe the bright moments in daily life that are usually overlooked in the face of life’s great achievements.

The song’s introspective lyrics are complemented by a catchy melody and Fujii Kaze’s enchanting vocals. The repetition of the word “kirari” adds to the addictive quality of the song.

3) Matsuri

youtube cover

Matsuri is a carefree song celebrating life, and the music video perfectly captures the essence of the song. The Energy Number is a happy little pill that Fujii encourages everyone to not take life too seriously and enjoy life’s events as they arise. Matsuri wants viewers and listeners to join the singer in creating a colorful festival of their lives, which is also the meaning of the word “Matsuri.”


youtube cover

One of his most underrated songs, Baby SAYONARA taps into the vocal potential of Fujii Kaze. In the song, he not only sings, but also displays near-rap skills. The rock song is about his move from Okayama province to the big city of Tokyo and how he felt after deciding to take such a crucial step in his life in 2019.

The song exudes energy and the long ending where he keeps repeating “sayonara baby”, which translates to “goodbye baby”, gives the song a satisfying ending.

5) Damn

youtube cover

Damn delves into the disco-rock side of Fujii Kaze, who became famous for his jazzy, bluesy vocals reminiscent of old-school J-pop music. Damn explores a quirky side to the singer that is evident in the music video.

The song is also about not caring about anything in the world, because the key to happiness is love yourself first. It’s a self-love song blending elements of pop, rock and disco to get listeners dancing.

According to NME writer Rhian Daly, Fujii Kaze would be the next big thing to come out of Japan since Utada Hikaru. His global popularity could reach even greater heights with a collaboration with BTS’s SUGA which he recently reposted on his stories.

ARMYs speculated on a collaboration between the two artists since SUGA uploaded a black and white photo of her permanent locks, which looked suspiciously like the cover of Fujii Kaze’s debut album. The Japanese singer reposting the footage was exactly the right kind of ammunition ARMYs needed to believe in an upcoming collaboration.

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