When the world of music and beauty collide: the idols of KPop who have collaborated with the biggest brands of KBeauty


KPop stars have long blurred the lines between what is considered feminine and masculine. Their product collaborations take them even further in their realization. Find out which group promoted which brand here.

KBeauty products, like any other Korean product, have made their mark in international waters for years. It’s only in the past two or three years that we’ve seen an increase in love and demand for them – in which the pandemic has played a huge role. Some people, who like to stick to their stereotypical boxes, like to target groups of boys for racist abuse and comments. Fortunately, K-Pop celebrities don’t really care about them. Because who doesn’t like not taking care of their skin?

With the guns that a K-Pop group owns, it’s easier for brands who want to collaborate with them. Take BTS, BLACKPINK or IU for example, which have millions of impressionable people who love them from the bottom of their hearts. Another icing on the cake is that it even gives the bands exposure in larger markets. All over the world, any kind of entertainment goes hand in hand with beauty or “makeup”, whether in Bollywood, Hollywood or the Korean entertainment industry.

The only difference is that Korean celebrities don’t hesitate to show it off. They shamelessly flaunt it. Unlike many others.

So here are some of the best collaborations when K-Pop celebrities collaborated with the best beauty products.

1. GOT7 X The Face Shop

In 2018, GOT7 became the new faces of the famous K-Beauty brand, The Face Shop. They released a kit called the GOTTHEFACE kit, in which the group selected three products they love the most. It included Yehwadam’s Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating Serum, Face Shop’s Anti-Darkening Pillow with Miracle Finish, and Dr. Belmeur’s Daily Repair Panthenol Calming Gel-Cream.

2. Laboratory IU X CNP

This collaboration also happened in 2018 and it was also reported in December 2020 that IU had renewed its contract with the brand. No one is unaware of how the Lilac the singer is watching. Part of the reason for her flawless skin could well be the products from the CNP lab. The products it has approved are Propolis Energy Ampoule and Tone-up Sun Protection.

3. EXO X Nature Republic

A mask, cream and candles with the faces of favorite idols? Nature Republic and EXO were together for seven long years before terminating their contract last year in February. While this divided fans a bit, it was quite successful when it launched. EXO X Nature Republic products included hand creams, face masks and scented candles with the boys’ faces.

4. TOMORROW X TOGETHER X It’s the skin

The boy’s gorgeous skin led them to become global ambassadors for one of K-Beauty’s most popular brands called “It’s Skin” in 2019. While being the face of It’s Skin for a while, they also have released a limited edition of Colorable Draw Tints which basically came with photocards and a sticker set. They also promoted their Power 10 Formula Powerful Genius Serum in September 2020!

5. BTS X VT Cosmetics

Last but not least is global boy group BTS and their collaboration with VT Cosmetics. If the first is known for his irreproachable talent, the second is also simply spectacular. The group members have released some products themselves while other products such as foundations, lipsticks, pillows and more have been launched in collaboration with their cartoon brand, BT21.

These are just a few of the many times K-Pop groups have promoted K-Beauty brands both nationally and internationally!

Let us know if you would like us to do a second part. In the meantime, let us know which of these products have you tried or would like to get your hands on in the comments below!

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