What would BTS do if ARMY cried? 5 times the K-pop group appeased their fans


Crying fans are not uncommon within the BTS fan base, or any fan base for that matter. Seeing your favorite singer in the flesh can be an overwhelming moment for many, and it’s easy to get carried away by these emotions.

Dealing with crying fans takes special care, and BTS has repeatedly shown the compassion they have in them in order to control the situation smoothly.

5 times BTS treated crying ARMY fans

5) when BTS V impersonated a fan to make them laugh

At a Puma fan meeting hosted by BTS, the members came across a fan overwhelmed by their emotions. The ARMY member did his best to control his tears, but to no avail. BTS V took it upon themselves to lend a hand.

In a salutary attempt to help them, V began to imitate the way they cried in order to make them laugh.

BTS RM also mentioned that “no tears are falling,” trying to make them laugh. The two members raised the mood and made the ARMYs who were waiting at their seats laugh.

4) BTS Jungkook Holds A Fan’s Hand

Fans are convinced that there is something in the air when meeting BTS’s Puma fans, due to the number of emotional fans who have shown up. Jungkook handled the scene smoothly in his own “international playboy” style, a phrase many ARMYs might recognize.

Holding the fan’s hand, Jungkook did his best to boost ARMY morale and calm his emotions. The smooth and healthy interaction was recorded, which led many people to fall in love with the golden idol even more.

3) BTS V changes hairstyle for a fan

V seems to be a master in these kinds of situations, as the BTS singer immediately thought of a solution for another crying fan.

As the fan reached his part of the table during a signing, V quickly began to comb his hair upward to form a horn shape on the top of his head. The selfless act caught the attention of many fans, causing a heartwarming reaction to the situation.

That is, until V says the words “don’t cry, baby” into the microphone, causing many viewers to spike in heart rate.

2) BTS J-Hope tries to make a fan laugh

BTS has given the phrase “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” a whole new meaning. After meeting a sobbing fan, J-Hope pulled out the old V-certified stuff and playfully imitated the fan.

Watch until the end! The way he copied that army that was about to cry I guess 😘🦄 plus I’m so glad he got to wear all those cute headbands unlike other fanssigns …

[ #BBMAsTopSocial BTS @BTS_twt ] https://t.co/fFwCAuc0TF

As seen in the video, the fan immediately turns away, laughing a little after seeing J-Hope’s heartfelt attempt to make them laugh.

1) BTS J-Hope gives her bag

Giving or lending his goods is not a problem for J-Hope. This is a trait well known to BTS members and their fans, ARMY. However, this selfless act shocked many.

During one of BTS’s concerts, J-Hope spotted a crying fan near the front of the stage.

After his eagle eyes focused on them, he stepped off the platform, approached the fan, and handed them the very bag he was carrying during the concert.

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