Speaking of K-pop boy groups, this list will never miss a party name. The idol debuted in June 2013, known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, better known as BTS, has eclipsed over the years with their constant work and brings something new to the table to delight audiences. The idols had made everyone their fans with such powerful songs. And here are the reasons to share that make BTS boys different from others.

1. Travel: BTS started their journey out of the blue with an unknown company. They started their journey without much promotion, for their music videos, to become the biggest star today. This is why the BTS journey is different from other bands.

2. Honest Fanbase: Part of their success is due to an honest fanbase around the world. BTS ARMY has been with the group since their debut and supports them in every way.

3. Their rap: The BTS boys are known for their new and innovative concepts. BTS is one of the strongest rap lines. RM and Suga started underground activities which helped them improve Hip Hop.

4. Song lyrics: This plays a very important role. Idols know how to trigger emotions. The boys sing songs that relate to the audience and make them vibrate. They serve as the best example for almost all types of songs.

5. They are real: Idols don’t fake anything. They are as real as possible. Boys are shy or cool; everything is crystal clear. They are as cute on screen as they are in real life.

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