What other J-Pop stars will join ex-Arashi member Kazunari Ninomiya’s YouTube channel?

One of the princes of Japanese pop has launched his own channel, but he strongly hints that he will borrow a little help from some of his famous friends.

Arashi, one of Japan’s most popular and beloved boybands, has announced that they will be retiring – or rather, taking an “indefinite break” – in 2019. Even though 2020 was slated to be the year they sent off with aplomb, performing all over and beyond Japan to say goodbye to its devoted fans, the circumstances instead led to canceled tours and one final live show presented to an empty venue.

Yet each of its five members made the most of a terrible situation. After their hiatus began at the end of 2020, fans eagerly watched to see what Kazunari Ninomiya, Sho Sakurai, Satoshi Ohno, Masaki Aiba, and Jun Matsumoto are up to individually.

The first on this list is clearly exploding online, a relatively new frontier for the actions of Johnny’s Entertainment. Ninomiya launched the YouTube channel JaNi no Channel (Johnny chain, but wrote to highlight the ‘ni’ in her own name) and released her first video, A message from Kazunari Ninomiya (Official), April 22.

The video gives a tantalizing teaser:

“You can see a bigger horizon when everyone comes together. The last person …
When all the players combine, the story can really begin. “

Among the four silhouettes presented, one is clearly Kazunari Ninomiya himself. The description is written from her perspective, imploring fans to subscribe to the channel. The next teaser video confirms this.

But who else is going to get on board? In a video titled # 1 Part one, Ninomiya spoke in broad outline of her plans for the channel and her hopes for the people who would help her present it. “It seems like a waste to host it alone when I’m doing such fun things,” he explains in the video. “So I decided to form a team and I spent a while thinking about who would be on it.”

â–¼ In the video, Ninomiya describes the first of three other people in the group.

He gave his viewers some clues as to the identity of one of the other three hosts.

  • “He should be 100% on board to help me.”
  • “He’s really busy because of the birthday.”
  • “He’s my subclass [in Johnny’s], but we’re actually the same age, so people tend to group us together.
  • “He’s my friend and a helpful guy on every level!”

Ninomiya says that despite his friend’s various commitments, he’s pretty confident he can grab her to help her with the YouTube channel. So he leaves to do just that – but the mysterious person is obscured in the video, so we can only hear his voice when Ninomiya greets him at the end.

The video has exploded online, with JaNi no Channel gaining a million subscribers in no time at all and the previous video currently totaling 4.4 million views at the time of writing. The comments were filled with wild speculation about all three members, especially the enigmatic character who appeared at the end of this video.

Most fans seemed convinced that this mysterious man is Yuichi nakamaru from another Johnny band, KAT-TUN, which meets all the criteria, especially since KAT-TUN debuted in 2006, making it a busy year, full of activities for the 15-year-olds.

Other commentators have guessed that the two remaining mystery hosts are likely to be Johnny’s associates. Fuma Kikuchi of Sexy zone and Ryosuke Yamada from Hey! Say! JUMP, which would translate into a star-studded lineup of some of Johnny’s Entertainment’s most popular acts.

Ultimately, viewers didn’t have to wait too long to discover some of the mystery members. The next published video, # 2 n ° 1 (writes N-Maru-Ichi, to invoke the “maru” in Yuichi Nakamaru), revealed the identity of the man in the first video.

â–¼ Ninomaru asks Nakamaru to join him on YouTube, and Nakamaru happily accepts.

After welcoming Nakamaru to his new job, Ninomiya goes in search of his next teammate … And this time, he waits for his target, crouching in the shadow of his car to surprise him after having invited him out.

â–¼ The video is titled # 3 A big request for this guy

Surprise! This is Fuma Kikuchi of Sexy zone! It turns out that fans are really on the lookout for this sort of thing. Although initially surprised to have been attracted to this car by Ninomiya and to respond with so many “eh?” As the on-screen captions kick off a counter every time, Kikuchi says he’s “always wanted to do things on YouTube” and eagerly agrees to participate, despite his own busy schedule. Sexy Zone has its own anniversary this year, 10 years since its debut in 2011.

The cute and outspoken style adopted by Ninomiya in these impromptu interviews is implied to continue throughout her YouTube activities, with her promising Kikuchi in particular that they can “have short little chats, just like that” during the race. of the chain and that if one member is busy then another can fill it. So subscribe to his channel to find out if the final host really will be Ryosuke Yamada, and stick around to see if Ninomiya’s smiling face can soothe the Arashi-shaped hole in your heart.

Source, images: YouTube / ジ ャ に の ち ゃ ん ね る
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