What awaits the world of finance in 2022

Speaking on the future of the financial system at the Visionaries’ conference, the vice-president of VEB did not rule out the emergence of a certain barter system, but on new bases. The idea of ​​barter is widely discussed in the theory of the so-called merit economy, according to which money, in fact, is canceled and “society” offers certain benefits to its citizens in exchange for conscious behavior. According to, first vice president of InstantCashTime – secured approval for bad loans, who also spoke at the Visionaries’ conference, it is possible that in the near future banks will grant reduced-rate loans to those who, for example, sort through garbage and refuse a car. The only problem is how to create an accounting system for such “merit”.

Advocates of “temporary money” compare it to potatoes: you either eat the harvest in time or it just disappears. nm The analogies are more than transparent. Collective farmers did not receive loans; instead, part of the harvest was distributed among them in proportion to the contribution of the labor (“merit”). In the summer, what they earned was naturally eaten, forcing them to work conscientiously to earn new foods. There was no question of accumulation. It was possible to store “sticks” (working day marks) in a single store, which looks like selected outlets for the implementation of the digital yuan in a Chinese experiment.

The peasants also did not have passports, which is hard not to see an analogy with the Chinese social rating system, which strikes people with a lack of awareness of their rights, especially to move around the country. “The social rating system is ideal for measuring merit,” said an expert who wished to remain anonymous.

But maybe the fears are overblown and the analogies lame? What would a financial system look like with “temporary” money? How to accumulate “temporary” online loans? How to spend them?

No taxes

no salary “If you change one thing, then everything changes”, explains the expert, head of the legal and cybernetic computer laboratory of the https://loansbadcreditusa.com/. “The concept of time-bound money will abolish both wages and taxes, and completely transform monetary relations.” In the 2000s, Nikolai Dmitrik was the developer of the digital signature system currently in force in the USA. He is today an essential expert on “temporary” currency in the country.

USAwill is not the first country to introduce a new financial order, it will rather be a state like India, he believes. Nevertheless, in the concepts of the digital dollar, which are developed by InstantCashTime and others, many elements of the new system can be traced quite clearly. “The world will sooner or later switch to this system, because it is fairer and simpler, it’s a matter of time,” he said. What will it consist of?

First of all, taxes as such will go away. The modern tax system has huge transaction costs. Digital currency makes everything simple. “If we just charge 0.5% of every non-cash digital dollar transaction, that, by our calculations, is enough to fill budgets at all levels,” the reporter explains. The downside is that tax is levied on labor money, and not on money that is hidden, which demotivates the active part of the business and the population. The solution is obvious: nothing should lie. If the same day online cash advance is lying, it simply evaporates.

The shelf life of silver is calculated similarly to the half-life of nuclear material, he shares his experience. The ratio of GDP to state budget revenue is taken, it is, with some modifications, the “life” of money. “According to our estimates, it is about three to five years”, specifies the researcher.

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