“We are determined to become” the ‘destination for K-pop fans around the world’

Since their debut last November, ENHYPEN has grown into one of K-pop’s most exciting rookie groups. On their first release – the mini-album “Border: Day One” – they crystallized their sense of being on the edge of the spotlight, on the verge of fulfilling their dream of becoming idols. Debuting with a record about what you think of your debut is pretty meta, but it worked wonderfully, making the seven-piece group artists willing to honestly share with the world.

Five months later and with four Rookie Of The Year awards from Gaon Chart under their belt, Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki return to let us enter their inner world with ‘Border: Carnival ”. On the mini album, the boyband characterizes their first steps in life that they worked so hard to achieve as a festival – vibrant, colorful and fun, but also at times overwhelming and disorienting. “As you want, go as far as you can to reach itThey sing along to the title song “Drunk-Dazed”. “Trapped in the carnival. “

The group spoke to NME about the new mini-album, their journey so far and what’s in store for the band.

ENHYPEN. Credit: Belift Lab

Hello ENHYPEN, congratulations on your new version. Looking back on “ Border: Day One, ” what were the biggest lessons you learned when you started out and take with you on this comeback?

Sunghoon: “Although we didn’t have the opportunity to show our fans in person our performances for ‘Border: Day One’, many ENGENEs [the name of ENHYPEN’s fandom] have encouraged us from the start. We have learned how precious their love and support is to us and we want to show our appreciation through this album.

Heeseung: “As we have been through so much for the first time since our debut, there were times when everything seemed amazing but so confusing. One thing is clear: we were able to adapt as a team. We were actually able to use these complex emotions as the underlying subject of this album and express, through the music, our desire to enjoy this very moment through the confusion.

When has been the best time to be part of ENHYPEN so far?

Jay: “Every moment as a member of ENHYPEN has been precious, but if I had to pick the best time of all, it would be meeting our fans in person at our first fan meeting in February. I remember being so excited to meet ENGENE and train even harder while preparing for it. I was happy to see that our fans seemed to be enjoying it. “

“Fever” introduces the idea of ​​patiently waiting for someone special. What is ENHYPEN patiently waiting for or yearning for the most right now and why?

Ni-ki: “Without a doubt, meeting our ENGENE in person. They are inseparable at ENHYPEN and so special to us. We not only want to communicate face to face, but also show them an amazing live performance. “

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ENHYPEN. Credit: Belift Lab

“Not For Sale” is centered on the conviction that giving and receiving must be reciprocal. How do you relate to this idea, both as members of ENHYPEN and as the people behind the idols?

Sunoo: “I relate to the song because it contains a realistic message about the state of mind of today’s teenagers. It is common to think that you have to give in order to receive something in return. This song, however, captures a boy’s shift in belief at the appearance of someone he wants to give his all to. As ENHYPEN we always want to return the endless love of our fans through various aspects including our music and performances.

So far, you have only been able to communicate with ENGENE digitally. How has the pandemic changed the effect you want your music to have on fans?

Jake: “Music has a huge role to play in connecting us with our fans, whether in person or online. Since we are currently in a situation where we cannot meet our fans face to face, our desire to make music that more fans can relate to has grown in order to forge a deeper connection with them. Whatever the situation, however, we want to continue to express our honest thoughts and connect with each other through our music.

“Outro: The Wormhole” teases what’s next for ENHYPEN. What artistic legacy do you want to leave behind?

Jungwon: “There are a lot of us that our fans haven’t seen yet. Although we have just embarked on our journey as artists, we are determined to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries to become the destination for K-pop fans around the world. “

ENHYPEN’s new mini album ‘Border: Carnival’ is now available.

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