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The second broadcast live Power surge !! special for Visual prison, the original TV anime from Uta no Prince Sama and Symphogear series creator Noriyasu Agematsu and Aniplex‘s A-1 Photos, launched the anime’s first full promo video on Saturday. The video features the voices of the characters as well as the insert song “Guilty † Cross” by the first iteration of in-story rock band Eclipse.

“Guilty † Cross” is now available on various digital music services. The next special to air with the cast will take place next month.

Aniplex describes the project as describing visual kei musicians as vampires. The visual kei genre is a subgenre of Japanese rock characterized by elaborate visual presentations, a Gothic aesthetic, balladic melodic writing, and musicians who present themselves in an androgynous manner. In the story of the anime, the vampires perform visual kei music and meet in Harajuku at an event known as “Visual Prison” under a red moon once a year, performing songs from visual kei to captivate an audience and deliver the best song to the red moon on it.

The story begins when Angel Yuki, a lonely boy with no family, travels to Harajuku to see his favorite artist, and sees an intense musical battle between the bands Eclipse and Lost Eden, their energetic performance making him feel sick.

The actors, divided by their respective units, are:

Oz (in the center in the image above):

Los † Eden (right in the image above):

Eclipse (left in the image above):

Takeshi Furuta (Utano ☆ Princesama Legend Star, Saint Seiya: the soul of gold) is the chief director of Tomoya tanaka direct towards A-1 Photos. Yukie sugawara (the [email protected] SideM, Overlord) oversees the scripts for the series. Minako shiba (black butler, DAKAICHI -I’m harassed by the sexiest man of the year-, Tegami Bachi: Bee Letter) adapts original character designs by Ikumi Katagiri (Sakura Kakumei ~ Hana Saku Otome-tachi ~, Are you Alice?) for animation. Jinshichi yamaguchi, Hiroshi yakou, and Honoka Yokoyama manage the drawings of the sub-characters, and Yakou, Yamaguchi and Queen Kawasaki are also chief animation directors.

Takayuki Kidou designs the accessories. Hiroshi Katô supervise art with Hirofumi Sakagami as artistic director. Katō and Mitsuki Maeda also serve as art designers. Kanako Hokari and Mayu Morita are the key artists of color and Ryûta Cancel runs the CG. Akito Suzuki is the director of compositing of photography, and Eiichi Nishimura is editing. Satoshi Motoyama directs the sound. Garden of elements produces music.

The anime will be released in October.

Sources: Visual prison the animated ones website, BD Nathalie

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