Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021 is about to be huge


Crunchyroll is one of the biggest (if not the greatest) source of anime on the internet and now they have revealed their next set of guests who will be attending this year’s Virtual Crunchyroll Expo event! These guests include Japanese rock band “Burnout Syndromes” (“Haikyu !!” and “Dr. STONE”), award-winning anime voice actor Zeno Robinson (“My Hero Academia”) and voice actor Bryce Papenbrook (” Attack on Titan ”and“ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ”). There will also be a few special guests attending Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, but we’ll talk about that later. So what can we expect from this year’s Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, and when does it start, and what exactly is this event?

What is Virtual Crunchyroll Expo?

Well the original Crunchyroll Expo (CRX) was founded in 2017 and was initially an in-person event where “fans can come together and dive deeper into the shows they love through engaging panels, exclusive products and unforgettable unique experiences.” Recently, we’ve also made it possible for fans around the world to join in the fun with Virtual Crunchyroll Expo – but we’re not stopping there. Each year, we strive to surpass ourselves by surprising and delighting all participants.

Who will be there?

Crunchyroll recently announced their latest guest tour who will be appearing at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, including a Japanese rock band called “Burnout Syndromes” who are known for their work on Haikyu !! and Dr. STONE, as well as the English voice of Hawks in My Hero Academia, and the English voice of Kirito from Sword Art Online and Eren from Attack on Titan! So let’s talk about who’s who at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo!

Burnout syndromes

As I mentioned above, Burnout Syndromes are known for their musical overtures for Haikyu !! and Dr. STONE, but they will also be giving a concert for the fans which will then be followed by a question and answer session to allow fans to get to know the artists.

Zeno Robinson

Zeno Robinson is an award-winning voice actor involved in My Hero Academia where he plays Pro Hero “Hawks” and “Deidoro Sakaki”, Fire Force where he plays “Ogun Montgomery” and Re: Zero where he plays “Garfiel Tinsel” with many others. characters. Robinson recently received the Best VA (Voice Actor) Performance award at the latest Crunchyroll Anime Awards for his role as Hawks in My Hero Academia Season 4.

Bryce papenbrook

Bryce Papenbrook has starred in a seemingly endless amount of video games, cartoons, and TV shows, including Inosuke Hashibira in Demon Slayer, Kirito in Sword Art Online, and Eren in Attack on Titan, and these are just a few – some of his biggest roles.

Special guests

As I mentioned before, there will be special guests who will show up at the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, including:

7 billion points

7 Billion Dots is a rock band that performs the ending and opening themes of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” and “Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2”. They will appear at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and give an energetic gig with a question-and-answer session at the end.


MAGIC OF LiFE is a melodic rock band known for their hit songs from popular anime “Yowamushi Pedal” and “Joker Game”. They will also appear at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and give a concert and Q&A afterwards.

Rhythmic toy world

Rhythmic Toy World is a Japanese rock band known for their single “Boku no Koe”, which is the OP for “Yowamushi Pedal Glory Line”. This group will make a special appearance at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and perform a concert and have another Q&A session after the concert.

When does Virtual Crunchyroll Expo take place?

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo will be broadcast exclusively here on Crunchyroll from August 5 to August 7, 2021. Make sure to register as early as possible (registration is free, so if you like anime, there is no reason not to!) can also submit your own cosplays for the Crunchyroll- Hime Cosplay Cup if you are interested in getting involved in Virtual Crunchyroll Expo this year, but only have a limited time to do so, as submissions close on Monday 7th June and fan panel submissions will close on Friday, June 11.

If you love anime and want to gain some experience with a scammer, Virtual Crunchyroll Expo is definitely for you! Make sure to register for free in time to attend the event August 5-7! I’m really excited to see what he has to offer as well as these epic concerts!


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