Utada Hikaru announces new album, streaming concert

J-pop megastar’s new album is available for pre-order now, will include anime themes Evangelion and To Your Eternity.

Utada hikaru has pretty much achieved the ideal situation in terms of creative freedom for a musician, with star power such that no one can pressure the singer to write new songs, but if and when the mood strikes , record companies, sponsors and other creative partners are still waiting patiently to be part of the latest project.

And now Utada is ready to release a brand new album.

It’s been over three years since Utada’s album, Hatsukoi, was released in the summer of 2018. The singer doesn’t seem to have had much trouble finding the musical muse during the pandemic, however, having written and recorded a number of new numbers since the start of the COVID crisis, even filming videos for entirely at home or with the help of a young family member.

A partial tracklist for the album confirms that it will contain “One last kiss” (theme song for Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Once upon a time three times), “Pink blood” (theme song for To your eternity), “Time”, “Face my fears”, “Find love,” and “Kimi ni Muchu,” in addition to other new songs. Utada will also give a “streaming concert” to commemorate the album’s release, with the filming of the video to be incorporated into the event already taking place in London, where the singer currently resides.

â–¼ Video for “One last kiss”

The album title has yet to be revealed, and its release window is still nothing more specific than “spring 2022”. It’s available for digital pre-purchase through iTunes Store and Spotify starting November 12, and more details will be available December 9.

Source: Natalie Ongaku Going through Otakomu
Top image: YouTube / Hikaru Utada
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