TWICE “Taste of Love” Named Best Third Generation K-Pop Girl Group Album by Famous Music Critics Site

A renowned music review site recently named TWICE’s recent release “Taste of Love” as the best K-pop girl group album ever to be released.

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On Tuesday, June 22, Pitchfork posted their review of TWICE’s recent summer release, “Taste of Love.”

Known for being strict and picky with their reviews and ratings, many were surprised to see that the album received a rating of 7.3 out of 10 – the highest Pitchfork ever ranked as second on K’s albums. pop in general for a third generation girl group album. They are tied with the album of f (x), “4 Walls” and “Crush” of 2NE1.

Joshua Minsoo Kim, the contributor who rated TWICE’s “Taste of Love,” noted that the album shows TWICE balancing self-satisfaction and romantic confidences during the summy with thrill-seeking.

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The reviewer notes that the lead single, “Alcohol Free,” seems like a special move for a girl group known for shedding their overtly cute and youthful image. However, looking at their past work, the song is actually a milestone for TWICE. Now the girl group can sing about love without the anxieties of their previous singles.

Their previous songs, such as “TT” and “Likey,” have TWICE singing along to force themselves to overcome sadness and hesitation. With “Alcohol Free”, however, any bounce points straight to heaven. The song’s cheerful atmosphere is “remarkably contained,” according to Joshua Minsoo Kim.

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The contributor also compliments the other songs on the mini album. “Scandal” is distinguished by the elegant and balanced TWICE sound with whispered vocals, an alluring bassline and a piano-house sound.

For “Baby Blue Love,” the song captivates listeners with its laid-back disco grooves as they sing along to their urge to dance with someone. The song is less about being in love and more about savoring the vibes of the summer party.

“SOS” is another song that talks about living in the moment but goes even further. Lyrically, TWICE asks a lover to save them, but they sing it in such a chic and cool way that it’s obvious they aren’t interested in anything for the long haul. Instead, they just want to savor the moment and make some fun memories.

“Taste of Love” breathes the breeze, with Pitchfork declaring this to be one of K-pop‘s best summer albums. “Taste of Love” is an album that will make you seek summer sensations!

The songs on the album all sound carefree and TWICE makes it so easy.

Congratulations, TWICE!

These are the top rated K-Pop albums on popular music review site Pitchfork

1. Seo Taiji and boys – “Seo Taiji and boys” (8.3)

2. TWICE – “The taste of love” (7.3)

3.f (x) – “4 walls” (7.3)

4.2NE1 – “Overwrite” (7.3)

5. BTS – “Love yourself: tear” (7.1)

6. BTS – “BE” (7.0)

7. BTS – “Map of the soul: 7” (6.3)

Is your favorite K-pop album on the list:? Tell us in the comments below!

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