TWICE, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN and more; Here is the program for the return of K pop for October


2021 has been a year full of excitement and great music, especially for K-Pop enthusiasts! From passionately high-end returns like SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me” and ENHYPEN’s “Border Carnival” to record-breaking releases like BTS’s “Butter” and TXT’s “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” and the soloists’ fierce entry in industry like “LALISA” by Lisa from BLACKPINK, “Spicy” by CL and “Dumb Dumb” by Somi, fans have certainly seen Korean pop music flourish and expand its horizons. To contribute to your already endless reading list, here are all the exciting returns to look forward to in October.

October 1st

– TWICE: English single ‘The Feels’

– WEi: special single ‘Starry Night’

October 5

– aespa: 1st EP ‘Savage’


– Youngjae from GOT7: 1st mini-album ‘COLORS from Ars’

– Golden Child: repackaging of the 2nd album ‘DDARA’

October 6


N.Flying: repackaging of the 1st studio album ‘TURBULENCE’

October 7

– PIXY: 2nd mini-album ‘TEMPTATION’

– CRAXY: ‘Chapter.1 GAIA’

– Jo Yu Ri: first solo album ‘GLASSY’

-Paul Kim: New album

12 october

– ENHYPEN: 1st full album ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA’

– TRI.BE: 1st mini-album ‘VENI VIDI VICI’

October 13

– LIGHTSUM: 2nd single album ‘Light a Wish’

October 14

– Peach Day: debut album ‘Cotton Candy’

21st of October

– KINGDOM: 3rd mini-album ‘History of Kingdom’: Part 3. Ivan ‘

22 october

– SEVENTEEN: 9th mini-album ‘Attacca’

October 26

– EPEX: 2nd mini-album ‘Bipolar Pt. 2: Prelude of Love’

Be announced

– Eric Nam

– Luna’s single from f (x)

– Amber Liu from f (x)

– The 3rd single from SECRET NUMBER

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