‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’: List of Everyone’s Favorite K-pop Idols Who Watch K-drama

Airing on tvN and Netflix, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is one of the most popular shows right now. It stars K-drama favorite Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri of “The Handmaiden” fame with WJSN’s Bona. Set in the 90s, it follows the friendship of young adults Yi-jin and Hee-do for three years. While Yi-jin is the dark eldest with a tragic past, his life brightens with the entry of optimistic Hee-do, a high school fencer who reaches the Asian Games with sheer willpower and passion.

While the plot comes across as melodrama, the K-drama is anything but sad with the main characters joking and bickering while giving helpful life advice without being overly didactic. “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” has also been consistently at the top of the most-watched and most-discussed shows every week since its premiere, which even piqued the curiosity of busy idols who ended up being fans of the K-drama. . Here’s a growing list of K-pop idols, including BTS’s Jungkook and aespa’s Karina, who are slowly revealing themselves as viewers of the coming-of-age sports drama.

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38 K-pop Idols Watch K-Drama “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”

K-dramas and K-pop fans couldn’t help but be thrilled that their favorite idols like TXT’s Beomgyu and Seventeen’s Hoshi are watching their favorite drama. Many felt that the idols liked “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” since the show reminded them of their trainee days and could relate to Hee-do struggling to fulfill his dreams. User @jjwogioin fact, have taken it upon themselves to create a thread of idols watching the show with others chiming in and helping the list grow every day.

Sunoo from Enhypen was surprised that his current favorite drama is the same as Jungwon‘s and ended up sharing that it was indeed ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’.

Yeri from Red Velvet just had to log in and share that she was watching the scene where Hee-do asks his classmate, Ji-woong, to teach him how to dance.

AOA’s Seolhyun is another viewer asking the right questions as she wonders why Na Hee-do’s child in the future will have the surname “Kim.” It should be noted that Yi-jin’s last name is “Baek”, which hints that Hee-do may not have become romantically involved with him or that they broke up.

CIX’s Jinyoung also watched it commenting that the retro vibe and the colors of the drama were pretty.

Treasure Junghwan, Jihoon, Jeongwoo and Hyunsuk showed their love for the drama in the most hilarious way. During a radio show, they recreated the iconic scene where Hee-do tearfully returns a destroyed copy of “Full House” that she had borrowed from Yi-jin’s bookstore, then flees.

Monsta X Instant Messenger also showed his love for drama by getting philosophical when he quoted Hee-do’s dialogue where she comforts Yi-jin saying that she hopes to overcome her tragedies by finding comedy in her life.

Itzy Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna couldn’t help but fangirl “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” during one of their VLives with much regarding Ryujin’s hand-on-head expression. Same Lia started watching it sharing that her fans recommended it and that Tae-ri was pretty. A week later, Yeji added that even she started it and the drama was fun to watch.

We also have three NCT 127 members watching the show. Doyoung explained that he watched it but preferred to watch it all in one go. He mentioned it again in another incident where he praised Tae-ri and Joo-hyuk and called the plot fun. Taeil not only sang an OST, but also used a famous phrase to caption her Instagram post. Jungwoo also responded to a fan’s request by reconstruct one of Yi-jin’s scenes during a fansign.

Jihyo from TWICE is another idol who lent her voice for the OST and also watches her as she praises actress Seo Jae-hee for her role as Hee-do’s mother.

Fans discovered Yuqi from (G)I-DLE and Shuhua are also watching the show in the most hilarious way as Yuqi shared that the latter sounds exactly like Hee-do. Shuhua on the other hand, she was shocked and disappointed that the episodes were only released on weekends as she wanted to watch K-drama every day.

Liz from ive is another fan as she had made a post sharing her excitement for a new episode and that she will be watching the two new episodes together.

Loona fans found it hilarious Chuu was surprised as she started watching ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ after the other members like yves and gowon claimed it was a love story between Hee-do and her rival Yu-rim, played by Bona. gowon also often discusses the show with fans as she likes the relationship between Hee-do and Yu-rim while yves likes class president Seung-wan.

Hongjoong of Ateez shared that he had fun watching the drama and was impressed with the dialogues.

Same Astro’s Sanha watched him while in quarantine for being diagnosed with Covid-19. He added that he was passing the time by watching the drama and it was good.

Seongmin from Cravity too happened to be the latest idol to watch “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” as he recently uploaded a photo of himself watching it.

With Jisoo from Blackpink being friends with Bona, she decided to visit him on set and gift him a coffee truck which got fans of Blackpink and WJSN excited. She further away showed her support by saying that since Bona was in, she would watch the show.

Seventeen-year-old Hoshi said he liked the drama and highly recommended it. Fans also found him endearing as he belatedly discovered that member DK was one of the singers who sang an OST (soundtrack) for “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One.”

Jungkook from BTS became the next fanboy after sharing an Instagram Story of him watching the drama. Her laughter as Hee-do’s mother catches Yi-jin in her house and questions her relationship with her daughter made the scene funnier.

Girl’s Generation Sooyoung showed her support for Tae-ri by saying she wasn’t going to watch TV but since she missed the actress, she watched the drama. She also posted another story with an inside joke saying that Hee-do’s favorite comic “Full House” hadn’t released its next issue and they were waiting.

TXT’s Beomgyu even chatted with fans about it, explaining that he was currently watching “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One.”

Ex-Friend Star Yerin showed his enthusiasm for the new episodes by stating that Saturdays are “2521 days”. SinB who is also in viviz, also revealed that she watches the drama asking fans if they support Yi-jin and Hee-do or Hee-do and Yu-rim.

Karina d’Aespa started watching it because she’s a fan of the 2013 song “Twenty-Five, Twenty One” and thought it was related to that. Gisele also said that she liked it a lot as she said she was not one to watch K-dramas but she liked watching it. She recommended it to fans as she described it as an enjoyable youth drama.

Sieun from STAYC She was asked who her favorite K-drama characters are and she said it was Hee-do and Ji-woong.

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