Top 5 kings of K-pop 2021: Taemin, J-Hope and more

Being crowned “King of K-pop” isn’t an easy task, considering the number of K-pop idols debuting, about to debut, or currently promoting.

Rap, dance, vocal ability, charisma, performance; all of these factors are taken into account when a K-pop idol trains, with the goal of perfecting herself in any of these categories.

Some idols, however, go above and beyond to excel in not one, but two, three or more categories, to deliver the perfect spectacle to their audience. These are the ones fans often refer to as the “Kings of K-pop“, and they rightfully deserve the name.

For this list, we’ve rounded up a slew of male K-pop idols, each one ruling the industry. The list takes into consideration all of their life’s work.

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Who is the king of K-pop?

5) Taemin from SHINee

The expression “King of K-pop” is identical to the word “Taemin”. The SHINee member was only 14 when he debuted, and the hard work and effort he put in from the start has definitely paid off.

The 28-year-old made his solo debut in 2014 with the single “Danger” from the album “Ace”. Instant success, Taemin has not disappointed since and delivered perfect performances with his talents in rap, singing and dancing.

4) G-Dragon from BigBang

G-Dragon was often dubbed the “King of K-pop” in his heyday, and is still considered by many to be worthy of the title. His performances are full of energy, class and engagement with his fans.

In addition to leading his group (BigBang) to huge international success. his solo work has also been praised by many for its uniqueness and idiosyncratic character.

3) J-Hope from BTS

J-Hope is the one who owns it all: the ability to sing, dance, rap, all with his own groove and style. His voice has such a distinct cadence that even those who are not fans of BTS can identify the dancer solely from his audio clips.

Before BTS, J-Hope was a dancer on a street team; So it’s no surprise that he’s crowned BTS Principal Dancer. The idol also released his own mixtape, “Hope World,” which took him to No. 3 on Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart and also reached global charts.

2) EXO’s Kai

Kai is a vocalist for the group EXO, and even before releasing his first solo album, he was praised for his performance on stage and his charisma. Equipped with a sweet honey voice and a killer ability to dance, Kai is the perfect formula for a successful outing; as evidenced by her debut album, “Kai (å¼€).”

If singing, dancing and being on stage weren’t enough, Kai is also an actor and has appeared in several K-dramas. At this point, fans are wondering if there is anything he cannot do.

1) Jinyoung Park

It may seem like a controversial choice to many, which is understandable enough. However, other than all the memes and laughs aside, JYP Entertainment founder Park Jinyoung is at the center of this debate. It is simply undeniable how much impact his presence has had in the industry.

He’s started a lot of trends (can’t forget the iconic plastic pants!) And isn’t afraid to make fun of himself. The artist sees the fun side of all the outdated gags he indulged in.

He has had many hit songs himself and ended up creating one of the most successful K-pop labels in the country.

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