Tomorrow x Together Interview: K-Pop Group Talks New Music, Lyrics


As the first boy group to debut under Big Hit Music since BTS, the guys from Tomorrow X Together (TXT for short) know they have their work cut out for them. But rather than following in the footsteps of their label mates, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai say they use pressure as motivation to prove themselves on their own.

Launched in 2019, Tomorrow X Together is dubbed the ‘It boys’ or the leaders of the fourth generation of K-pop groups, and the group’s rise has been rapid, with TXT taking home the rookie awards (essentially the Korean equivalent of ‘a’ Best New Artist Trophy) at all major award ceremonies less than a year after their debut. It is a moment cherished by the members. “The first time we won the rookie award [is my most cherished memory]. It was so special and we were grateful because it felt like a reward for all the hard work we had put in, ”Soobin recalls.

“Even now, I can feel the goosebumps and happiness that I felt then,” Beomgyu adds.

Their fandom (known as “Moa” or “Moments of Alwaysness”) has also helped TXT attract a ton of buzz, with the band first EP becoming the most popular debut album of all male K-pop groups in history. The guys have also made a name for themselves in the highly saturated K-pop space with their signature sound, which spans disco, shoegaze, indie rock and pop. “We try to tell stories that only we can tell, so I think our albums so far have naturally contained a lot of emotions and thoughts from a teenage perspective,” Yeonjun said.

The messages behind the music of Tomorrow X Together are equally distinct, as they connect to their listener base through personal stories about the growing pains that accompany adolescence. Thinking back on the growth of each member, Beomgyu remembers the dynamics of his group when they first started out. “At first it was sometimes difficult to understand each other because each of us has very different backgrounds,” he says, citing their varied interests and life experiences. “We’ve communicated a lot since and we’ve been together for a long time, so now we just have to meet our eyes to see what the other is thinking.”

Going forward, Beomgyu says he wants TXT to be known as a band “like a family.” It’s really cool to be able to lean on my limbs in difficult times, and vice versa. And we also want to be [our fans’] best friends.”

TXT released their second studio album, Chapter of Chaos: Freeze, on May 31st and recently released a futuristic music video for “Magic», Their first track in English.


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