Todd Snyder Celebrates 10 Years With New Collection Of Improved Staples

Todd Snyder has been in this game for quite some time now.

After stints at Ralph Lauren, The Gap and J.Crew, he founded his eponymous brand in 2011. It is highly likely that at least one piece in your wardrobe bears his name or has been influenced by his designs.

Now, 10 years later, he’s revisiting some of his favorite pieces and collaborations with the new TSX collection, which brings together a variety of classic menswear items in one place. Snyder says:

“I thought of the quintessential pieces in a man’s wardrobe and decided to make the best versions of them: chinos, sweatshirts, denim jackets. If I were a rock star, this capsule would be my greatest hits. But I’m just a guy, so let’s just call them my favorite things.

These are some of his favorite things.

Todd Snyder

A Japanese Oxford shirt made on a vintage loom.

Italian jacket Todd Snyder
Todd Snyder

This sports coat in Italian wool with soft shoulders with a touch of sprezzatura.

Champion Todd Snyder Sweatshirt
Todd Snyder

A mid-weight French fleece pocket sweatshirt with raglan sleeves that was made in collaboration with Champion.

todd snyder denim jacket
Todd Snyder

This premium quality rugged denim jacket is made on looms in Louisiana and cut and sewn in Los Angeles.

dylan Todd Snyder jacket
Todd Snyder

A Dylan jacket with a snap closure that takes the body of a denim jacket but reinvents it with 100% Italian calfskin.

Japanese chino pants Todd Snyder selvedge
Todd Snyder

A 100% cotton selvedge Japanese chinos made from fabric imported from the famous Japanese factory in Kuorki.

Todd Snyder Travel Suit
Todd Snyder

The casual woolen traveler suit that can be worn together or separately, the pants are like a mix between tailored jogging and dress pants.

Todd Snyder cashmere cardigan
Todd Snyder

A mid-weight cashmere cardigan perfect for fall.

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