[Today’s K-pop] TXT gives a taste of the reconditioning to come


(Credit: Big Hit Music)

Tomorrow X Together shared a preview of the repackaging of their second studio album on Wednesday.

The video clip included samples of three songs from the repackaged album titled “The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape” – the title track “LO $ ER = LO ♡ ER”, “Exchange Diary” and “0X1 = LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat Seori (Emocore Mix).

The focus track is about a boy who may look like a loser but who hopes to be the lover of someone who matters to him, who saved him. “Exchange Diary” is a song dedicated to his fans, a first for the boy band. The band members wrote the lyrics to the song that would make their fans want to dance with its catchy chorus. Meanwhile, the title song of his second LP takes a darker, rock-leaning turn with rougher guitar sounds.

The second LP, “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze” entered the Billboard 200 as No.5 in June and remains on the charts for nine consecutive weeks, becoming the third K-pop boy group to achieve the feat.

The repackaging will be fully unveiled on August 17.

Blackpink’s film draws nearly 500,000 spectators in 5 days

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

The Blackpink film has attracted nearly half a million fans in the five days since its premiere on August 4.

“Blackpink: The Movie” marks the fifth anniversary of the group’s debut and has screened in more than 100 countries in more than 3,000 theaters. It will become accessible to a wider audience as regulations on the COVID-19 pandemic ease in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, where the film’s release has been postponed, and the number of theaters increases to more than 4,200.

The band members celebrated the anniversary with a livestream that drew over 1.76 million concurrent viewers. They also dropped off a batch of merchandise, published a photo book, held a small exhibit, and even opened their own island for the Nintendo Switch video game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”.

Additionally, Lisa is expected to release a solo album soon, following the success of Jennie and Rose.

SuperM’s Ten tops iTunes ranking in 16 regions

(Credit: SM Entertainment)

(Credit: SM Entertainment)

The new solo song from Ten of SuperM and WayV has landed at the top of the iTunes song chart in 16 regions, label SM Entertainment said on Wednesday.

The song called “Paint Me Naked” was released on the company’s SM station on Tuesday. The English-language pop rock tune sings the simple, free style from youth to love to the tune of guitar riffs that showcase her dynamic vocals.

The singer has already released two solo songs, “Dream In A Dream” in 2017 and “New Heroes” in 2018, via SM Station.

Ten is from Thailand and made his debut as a member of the seven-piece group WayV in 2019 in China with “The Vision – The 1st Digital EP”. He has also been a member of SuperM since 2020.

Enhyphen celebrates platinum certification in Japan

(Credit: belief lab)

(Credit: belief lab)

Enhyphen on Tuesday unveiled his first performance of “Forget Me Not”, the group’s first Japanese song.

The music video appeared on his YouTube channel showing the group’s seven members during the online presentation of “Border: Hakanai,” his first single in Japan, last month. “Forget Me Not” is a track from the single released in July and was chosen as the opening theme song for the Japanese television animation “Re-main”.

The septet shared the video to mark earning platinum record certification, its first, with the debut single that shipped over 250,000 copies. The single reached # 1 on Oricon’s Daily Chart upon release and stayed for a week, only to land atop its weekly chart. His sales in the first week were the second for an international male artist and earned certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan on Tuesday.

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