[Today’s K-pop] The Sserafim will preview their debut song next week

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The group Le Sserafim, which will soon make its debut, will reveal part of its first song through its first project.

The six-member act will debut next month, and fans can create a “digital keepsake” to mark their “first meeting.”

He will unveil the song in part on the project’s website, dubbed “Le Sserafim’s First Moment,” and fans can choose from the band members’ images, messages and voices for a unique combination.

The website currently has portraits of the members that only show parts of their faces, but will officially open on Monday next week.

The group is the first girl group launched by a label under Hybe. The company announced earlier this week that Hybe President Bang Si-hyuk will serve as chief producer. Members include Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon, formerly of IZ*ONE.

Big Bang partially reveals the lyrics

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

On Friday, Big Bang gave fans a taste of their upcoming song “Still Life.”

Record label YG Entertainment uploaded a poster on the day that included part of the song’s lyrics which roughly translates to “Our spring summer autumn winter will be beautiful.”

The accompanying image, however, contrasted with the hopeful lyrics, showing a man with a face painted white like a clown sitting wearily.

The new song is a condensed embodiment of the band members’ past and contains their heartfelt music and message, the firm said.

The song will be fully unveiled on April 5, about four years after their last single, “Flower Road.”

Treasure of visiting Japan from November

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

Boy group Treasure have confirmed their Japan tour, according to record label YG Entertainment.

He will begin the tour with a live show in Hokkaido on November 26 and visit six cities in total, performing 17 times until January 4, 2023. Four out of 12 members are from Japan, and the tour itinerary includes their hometown .

The band members said that they hope to hold concerts in Japan and are happy that this arena tour has been confirmed. They thanked their fans for their support.

The group released their debut EP “The Second Step: Chapter One” in Japan on Thursday. “U”, a track from the EP, headed straight to the top of Line Music’s Top 100 Songs chart. The pop tune is a follow-up to the title track “Jikjin,” the Japanese version of which was released two weeks early and topped Line Music’s daily and weekly charts. The Korean version also topped Line Music’s daily and weekly charts.

The Korean-language EP was released in February and topped the iTunes album chart in 30 regions as well as the global iTunes album chart. It was also #1 on Oricon’s weekly chart.

Next week, the group will hold their first standalone concert in Seoul for two days.
Oh My Girl will celebrate its 7th anniversary with its fans

(Credit: WM Entertainment)

(Credit: WM Entertainment)

Oh My Girl will hold a fan meet-and-greet event to celebrate their seventh debut anniversary with fans, agency WM Entertainment said on Friday.

The group members will greet their fans twice in Seoul on April 30 at an event called “Miracle International.” They will turn into a team of marketing experts for the meeting.

The seven-member group released their second studio album “Real Love” on March 28, about 10 months since their eighth EP “Dear Ohmygirl.” His first LP “The Fifth Season” was released three years ago.

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