These foreign K-Pop idols are the main rappers of their group

From IVE Rei to aespa Giselle to Kep1er Hikaru, these six K-pop idols are the main rappers of their respective groups! Who is your favorite?

1. IVE Rei

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Rei – These foreign K-Pop idols are the main rappers of their group

Rei is one of the two female rappers in the group, and although she has not officially been given the “main title”, it is assumed that she is the main female rapper of the group as Gaeul, the second rapper, already has a title. major.

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Rei was born in Anan, Japan and raised in Nagoya. She first moved to Korea to study at the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA). Due to her fluency in Korean, Rei was given the nickname Kim Rei.



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Vernon – These foreign K-Pop idols are the main rappers of their group

Vernon is one of several rappers in SEVENTEEN, but he is widely hailed as the group’s lead rapper. He is a member of the group’s Hip-Hop unit.

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Vernon was born and raised in New York, USA. Her father is Korean, while her mother is American. He has a younger sister, Sofia, who is studying in the United States.

3. aespa Giselle


(Photo: aespa Twitter)
Giselle – These foreign K-Pop idols are the main rappers of their group

Giselle is the main rapper and sub vocalist of Aespa.

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The female idol is Japanese-Korean. Although born in Garosu-gil, Seoul, South Korea, Giselle grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Before moving to Korea, she studied at Tokyo International School and Sacred Heart School Japan.



(Photo: LE SSERAFIM Twitter)
Kazuha – These foreign K-Pop idols are the main rapper of their group

Kazuha is the rapper of LE SSERAFIM. Although she does not have the main title, she is the only member to have a rap position, making her the default main rapper.

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Kazuha was born in Kochi and raised in Osaka, Japan. She lived there from 2 to 16 years before moving to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2020. She moved to Korea at the end of 2021.

5. Kep1er Hikaru


(Photo: Kep1er Twitter)
Hikaru – These foreign K-Pop idols are the main rappers of their group

Hikaru is the main rapper of Kep1er. During her time on “Girls Planet 999”, Hikaru gained popularity for her hardcore rapping and sharp dancing.

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Hikaru was born in Fukuoka, Japan. Before moving to Korea, she was part of the child apprentice duo +GANG. It is said that she will make her debut in Japan after her contract with Kep1er ends.

6. TREASURE Haruto


(Photo: TREASURE Twitter)

Haruto is one of TREASURE’s main rappers. He is one of the two main rappers, the other being Choi Hyunsuk.

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Haruto is from Fukuoka, Japan. Before debuting in South Korea, Haruto trained with YG Japan.

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