GOT 7 and Blackpink are the most beloved and famous groups in Korean popular culture. Both groups have a huge fan across the globe and are viewed by millions of enthusiasts from all walks of life. They are incredibly good at their performances and have never disappointed their fans with their extravagant performances and artistic skills. GOT 7 and Blackpink are considered to reside together. Today we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of these K pop bands living together.

Reports indicate that the GOT 7 and Blackpink groups live together in a similar apartment, but there is not very comprehensive evidence of strong evidence for this. However, it was brought to the attention of the whole world the reason why these popular groups were forced to stay together in a similar apartment by their governing bodies and also the consequences that followed.

A Korean recreation mechanism, this “dormitory culture” has its excellence – it makes it susceptible for businesses to rule the gang and facilitate partnership. And if the elements go smoothly, the components can form a family-like coalition, establishing the best friendship.

For this reason, the components of maximum K-pop organizations – regardless of their age – match a position simultaneously during the first few days of their employment until they are allowed to live on their own.

But this way of living together also raises concerns. Many believe this creates an atmosphere in which specific components can intimidate others. Analysts point out that this strategy – which provides components without personal space – could also influence their level of anxiety and lead to disagreements.

(According to SCMP)