The Japanese version of “How I Met Your Father” will be called “How I Met Your Mother: Shippuden”

NEW YORK — Following reports that how i met your mother sequel series how i met your father did not appeal to audiences in Japan, a series of changes were announced to localize the show and make it more palatable to Japanese audiences.

“The Japanese love Ted Mosby-san!” said Yusuke Fujiwara, the show’s Japanese localization manager. “But these new characters don’t appeal to us. We can’t change the scripts, but there are other things we can do to get people to watch and hopefully draw them in from there.

Viewership and retention were down for the show across the board compared to its predecessor. When asked what was going to be changed in the series to address this aside from the title, Fujiwara explained the new differences.

“To add Shippuden in the title and replace it with how I Met Your Mother is only the beginning; we also have a new opening! Gone is the minimalistic 10 second reel of photographs to a chirping acapella, now the opening theme is a 3 minute banger from the famous J-rock band Uvermonde,” he said. “It’s a real raunchy — J-rock anthem — and it’ll play to plenty of stylized shots of Sid, Valentina and the gang looking contemplative as they sit on the edge of the lakes under a starry sky. We have Sophie and Jesse staring seriously straight into the camera, eyes up, eyebrows down, there are sword slashes and explosions in the background. It’s awesome.

“Everything else in the series is pretty much exactly the same,” he added.

A cast member reached out to discuss changes to the series in Japan, but wished to remain anonymous.

“I heard there was a show that was really big in Japan before with ‘Shippuden’ on his behalf, so I thought I’d check it out to see what it was about,” the actor, who was definitely not Josh Peck, said. “But I didn’t really understand…why was Kaguya the last villain instead of Madara?” It was barely built! And don’t even tell me about Neji’s death. It made no sense. Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with the show I’m on, but I’m so hurt and confused.

At press time, Fujiwara said he expects How I Met Your Mother: Shippuden to easily reach 30 or 40 seasons as long as they include a fair amount of filler arcs.

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