The Fall 2021 issue featuring J Balvin, Tess Holliday and more

Welcome to Inked’s Fall 2021 issue! The carefree summer days may be in the rearview mirror, but fear not, we have an amazing number to brighten your spirits. We’ve got three amazing covers and a ton of interviews with intriguing tattooed people.

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In case we haven’t quite convinced you of the problem yet, here’s a taste of what’s inside!

J. Balvin

Photo by Gunner Stahl

We have the Prince of Reggaeton on our cover. Lucas Villa sat down with J Balvin and had a conversation on many topics, including the release of his latest album, “Jose”.

“Right now, I just want to be the happiest guy on the planet,” he says. “It’s not J Balvin. It’s Jose. I put J Balvin first for so long, so now I’m going to focus on myself, Jose.”

Throughout the interview, J Balvin shared what it’s like to be a new dad, the importance of mental health, and his continued mission to make Colombia a home for reggaeton.

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The holidays of tess

Photo of Orin Fleurimont

Photo of Orin Fleurimont

Tess Holliday channeled her inner Pamela Anderson for a cover honoring Anderson’s iconic role in 1996’s “Barb Wire.” We chatted with the model and body positivity activist about the importance of portrayal in the world. fashion industry, the crazy story behind her first tattoo and much more.

After the photoshoot – who was completely Holliday’s brain child – she explained what the whole process meant to her.

“I never imagined that a Southern girl who grew up in a cow pasture would become the fat Pam Anderson on the cover of a magazine she admires,” says Holliday, “and could help and inspire so many. people to be themselves. cool. It can be a lot of pressure, but the rewards for what I do and the life I have created far outweigh any bullshit. ”

Jessica Carter – The 2021 Inked Cover Girl Contest Champion

Photo by Christopher K Kolk

Photo by Christopher K Kolk

Thousands of beautiful tattooed women vied for the crown, but only one could be named a champion. This year’s winner is Jessica Carter. Charming Carter is joined in the photoshoot by the rest of the Top Four.

Carter had some pretty sound advice for everyone to consider with the 2022 crown in sight. “Go for it, absolutely,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to speak up and put yourself forward because you’re afraid of what people will think or say. It’s all about you and your journey and trying to get to a place where you are proud of your body and how you look and you celebrate it. ”


Photo by Scrill Davis

Photo by Scrill Davis

We caught up with the hip-hop queen of Atlanta to discuss a myriad of topics, including her decision to change her name from Mulatto to Latto as her career exploded.

“I was in the state of mind to want to change my name,” she told us. “I felt it was not seen in the right way and I wanted to approach the name change, but I still didn’t know how I wanted to approach it. I was like, ‘I could do a mini documentary, I could do an Instagram post, I could do an Instagram Live. ‘ But I was like, ‘Naw, fucking this. I am a rapper and I have to approach this in music. ”

Bailey Sarian

Photo by Kat Attack Photography

Photo by Kat Attack Photography

Fall is a scary season so you know we have to cover up the macabre of this issue. So who better to talk to than makeup artist and real crime storyteller Bailey Sarian? Sarian was intrigued by real crime from a young age thanks to her mother’s career choice.

“My mom was a 911 dispatcher and took me to work with her,” she says. “I would sit and listen to 911 calls on my headset. That’s when my curiosity was first piqued. We come back to it now and laugh because it probably wouldn’t. had to take me to work with her. ”


Photo by Jason Goodrich

Photo by Jason Goodrich

Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop CJ’s “Whoopty” from becoming the club’s 2020 hit. The drill kicked the Staten Island-based rapper’s career into the stratosphere, but according to CJ, we haven’t yet. see nothing.

“My first project was a tester and [his debut double album] is going to be the one that I put everything I can into, ”he says. “What I do has never been done before. A lot of hip-hop artists try to tap into the Latin space and it doesn’t work. To get the true support of these artists, it’s hard to find. So to be accepted in both halls is a blessing. ”

Michelle zauner

Photo by Kevin Wilson

Photo by Kevin Wilson

After writing two albums and a memoir centered on grief over the loss of her mother to cancer, Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner turns the page and embraces the joy. We spoke with Zauner about his many different projects, his upcoming album “Jubilee” and more.

“The most surprising and exciting thing to do would be to write something about the other end of the human experience,” she says. “After writing two albums about grief and loss, then a whole book about it, I really felt like I had said everything I had to say about this experience.”

We’ve got it all, plus interviews with singer / songwriter Nessa Barrett, the Compton Cowboys, celebrity trainer Ron Boss Everline and more. This problem is not to be missed.

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