The biggest video game concerts

Everyone loves a good concert. Whether it’s classical or rock, pop or indie, there’s nothing better than watching your favorite artists perform live. This also goes for video games. Sometimes in a game you will unexpectedly find yourself in a concert hall. The band will start playing, or the soloist will take center stage, and suddenly you’re fighting and watching a character play.

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Or, you might find yourself locked into a cutscene filled with song and dance. It’s a magical moment, usually accompanied by flashing party lights. Here are some memorable in-game gigs that made us want to stand up and applaud.


10/10 Yakuza 0: Hit it, boys!

Yakuza 0 transports you to the height of the Bubble Era in Japan, where you step into the shoes of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. Although both men know how to make an entrance, Majima’s entrance comes with her own group.

After an angry customer tries to fight The Mad Dog of Shimano himself, Majima shows off his customer service skills as his band at Cabaret Grand accompanies him. With a hard-hitting drumbeat, a fast piano slide, and plenty of people on trumpet and trombone, this concert definitely sets the tone for the chaotic and colorful side of Majima’s history.

9/10 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – At Sea!

How can we even begin to explain 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim? Not only does this masterpiece combine nearly every sci-fi trope and weave them into one gripping and overarching story, but it also packs the stress of a real-time strategy game. It’s a lot to handle, and every second is both nerve-wracking and amazing.

Near the climax of the game, you’re treated to a concert by Miyuki Inaba, a pop idol trapped in a space station, before she goes offline. His song, Seaside Vacation, is performed during the cast of thirteen deploys missiles, sets up counterattacks, and protects the terminal from the area. It’s a bittersweet moment, and an even more powerful moment when its singing suddenly stops, leaving you alone to face enemy attacks.

8/10 Pokemon Black Version 2 & White Version 2: POKEMON!

After nine generations, Pokemon has seen its fair share of unique and quirky gym leaders. But did you know that among these leaders, there is also a rock star? When you enter Roxie’s Gym in Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2, you’ll be greeted by Roxie and her bandmates on stage singing a Pokemon song. Literally. She spells out the word “Pokemon” while playing on her guitar.

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Unfortunately, her song is so loud that she won’t be able to hear you at first. Only after defeating the other members of her team can you face Roxie. Defeat her and you will receive the Toxic Badge.

7/10 Final Fantasy X-2: thrill time!

After the heartbreaking finale of Final Fantasy X, you probably didn’t expect its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, to begin with Yuna happily singing on stage in front of a crowd of thousands. And, though the performing Yuna is revealed to be a fake, that song and dance helps set the mood for Final Fantasy X-2.

Executing true emotion, this playful and upbeat gig features fellow Gullwings members Rikku and Paine defeating enemies and stealing a vehicle. It’s a surprising yet fun introduction, and one that establishes the chaotic treasure-hunting adventures that Yuna and her friends are about to embark on.

6/10 No straight roads: hit the road!

Despite the name of the title, No straight roads‘ is pretty simple, dethroning the EDM scene in Vinyl City and bringing rock back. Only, the road to rock redemption is filled with music bosses who will attack you for interrupting and hijacking their gigs.

Although the performance in No Straight Roads is more combat than a cutscene, you can still appreciate how each boss’s theme music looks and how they clash with Bunk Bed Junction’s wand and guitar attacks. . Plus, after you win, you get a cool new album cover to celebrate your victory.

5/10 Persona 4 Golden: Reveal the true story!

persona 4 golden is the upgraded and improved version of the hit PlayStation 2 game, Persona 4. Along with better graphics, extra social links and a longer timeline, you also get new cutscenes to enjoy. One of them is a concert that the investigation team gives to Junes in October. Although they only have a few days to practice, the team comes together and puts on an incredible performance of True Story.

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Unfortunately, they only planned one song, which left the band in a tight spot after they finished and the crowd started singing for an encore. For anyone planning a gig in the future, always make sure you have more than one song in your repertoire!

4/10 Super Mario Odyssey: Let’s do the Odyssey!

No one could forget the concert where Mayor Pauline performed Jump Up, Superstar! In Super Mario Odyssey you were treated to this awesome live performance of the famous theme song while taking a trip down memory lane. As Mario in his two-dimensional form scaled the building, he had to watch out for familiar enemies reminiscent of the arcade game Donkey Kong.

After dodging the rolling barrels and defeating Donkey Kong himself, you left the 2D world and came face to face with this energetic concert. Pauline’s performance had it all: a band, flashy fireworks, a shiny red dress and an exceptional voice. It was truly a spectacular end to Mario’s visit to New Donk City.

3/10 Splatoon: It’s Splatfest time!

Besides ink and evolved bipedal sea creatures, Splatoon is also known for its Splatfests. The best part? Concerts of your favorite music groups! In each iteration of Splatoon, you are treated to a special Splatfest song to accompany the epic ink battles. This song would play in the game’s hub world and be performed live by the game’s major musical idols for the duration of Splatfest.

The first Splatoon had Callie and Marie performing City Color, Splaton 2 had Pearl and Marina performing Color Pulse, and Splaton 3 has Shiver, Frye, and Big Man performing Anarchy Rainbow. Each concert was fresh and exciting and helped make an already global event looks even more like a festival.

2/10 Yakuza 5: Are you ready?

Another concert that occurs in the Yakuza The series is the idol concert that Haruka gives in Yakuza 5. In fact, Haruka gives a lot of concerts in Yakuza 5. singing and dancing competition. .

The glittering costumes, rousing J-Pop track, and cheering crowd make you feel like you’re attending a real idol concert. But, as with every Yakuza storyline, there’s an underlying sense of nervousness as Haruka tries her best to achieve her idol dreams and those of her mentor.

1/10 Fire Emblem Fates: Lost in thought?

There was something magical about playing Fire Emblem Fates for the first time and seeing this iconic performance. Depending on the copy of the game you picked up, you would either be entitled to Azura, one of the game’s protagonists, and fire emblemperforming a slow and melancholy version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone in her signature white and blue dress, or a fast and aggressive version in a dark blue disguise.

While this is a wonderful and powerful concert to watch, the aftermath of the performance is, of course, another battle in which Corrin must rout the enemy and stay alive.

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