The 30 best-selling K-Pop albums by K-Pop girl groups: K-WAVE: Koreaportal

Seulgi and Irene from Red Velvet

That being said, here are the 25 best-selling albums from third-generation K-pop girl groups:

# 25 MAMAMOO and their album “TRIP” with 177,751 sales

# 24 Red Velvet and their album “Day 1 ‘The ReVe Festival'” with 180,016 sales

# 23 TWICE and their album “THE STORY BEGINS” with 214,375 sales

# 22 TWICE and their album “The year of” YES “” with 220,157 sales

# 21 Red Velvet and their album Irene & Seulgi – “Monster” with 233,162 sales

# 20 BLACKPINK and their album “How do you like it” with 306,900 sales

# 19 IZ * ONE and their album “HEART * IZ” with 315,870 sales

# 18 TWICE and their album “PAGE TWO” with 332,107 sales

# 17 TWICE and their album “TWICEcoaster: LANE 2” with 362,252 sales

# 16 BLACKPINK and their album “SETTLE ACCOUNTS” with 371,698 sales

# 15 TWICE and their album “YES or YES” with 391,687 sales

# 14 TWICE and their album “Summer nights” with 396,495 sales

# 13 TWICE and their album “SIGNAL” with 397,781 sales

# 12 TWICE and their album “twicetagram” with 401,815 sales

# 11 TWICE and their album “What is love?” with 425,643 sales

# 10 TWICE and their album “FANCY YOU” with 432,994 sales

# 9 BLACKPINK and their album “KILL THIS LOVE” with 456,628 sales

# 8 IZ * ONE and their album “One-reeler / Act IV” with 464,860 sales

# 7 TWICE and their album “Feel special” with 468,361 sales

# 6 TWICE and their album “TWICEcoaster: LANE 1” with 493,670 sales

# 5 IZ * ONE and their album “BLOOM * IZ” with 493,501 sales

# 4 TWICE and their album “Eyes wide open” with 501,899 sales

# 3 IZ * ONE and their album “Dream Diary” with 548,688 sales

# 2 TWICE and their album “More more” with 583,816 sales

# 1 BLACKPINK and their album “THE ALBUM” with 1,360,667 sales

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