The 20 Best Things to Do in Dallas This Week (10 / 25-10 / 31).


This week in Dallas, you can bow to the queen of our city, see a giant dog in the flesh, enjoy a Japanese breakfast, or listen to nothing. And much more !

Has Russian President Vladimir Putin spoken out against “canceling culture” on your 2021 bingo card?

No? We neither.

Putin likened the concept to “backwards racism,” which, in the context of his recent speech at the Valdai Discussion Club, meant that canceling culture makes people hyper-fixated on race, causing more big divide instead of the desired outcome of equity for marginalized groups – not your typical definition of backwards racism, which is racism against whites.

He only referred to the race issue as the idea of ​​canceling culture, although we see people online canceling others for multiple other reasons like homophobia, transphobia , violation of human rights, etc.

Plus, it’s absolutely bonkers that Vlad is talking about canceling culture here when he’s literally on the brink of being a dictator. Under Putin, journalist and anti-corruption advocate Alexei Navalny was jailed, tortured and poisoned for speaking out against the government, and he is still fighting for his life. Every facet of the media in Russia is under government control. Then there’s the anti-gay propaganda law he passed in 2013 – and by “propaganda,” Putin literally means any appearance / mention / notion of a gay person’s existence. If an LGBT person in Russia does not hide their identity, they can be punished by law or beaten or killed on the streets.

It is therefore not surprising that in the same speech where he mentioned the cancellation of culture, Putin criticized transgender rights, calling the transition a “crime against humanity.”

So, Putin, the West is late for having passionate teens yelling at celebrities on Twitter for saying something racist – but silencing, jailing and killing people who don’t follow your “spiritual values” is noble?

It is quite logical !

Anyway, thank you for allowing us to talk a bit about Russian politics. It’s so surreal to hear “cancel culture” come out of this man’s mouth. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Let’s go back to Dallas with our top 20 things to do this week. Drink, dance and rejoice because we still have a free press here – for now, at least.

Monday (October 25)

Starcrawler at sunset in Granada
This LA rock band has a dark, energetic sound that sprinkles 80s punk and goth vibes. In honor of the spooky season, check out their cover of The Ramones’ “Pet Sematary”, which featured in the soundtrack of the 2019 reboot of the film of the same name.

Nothing at Deep Ellum Art Company
Bridging the gap between metal and shoegaze, Nothin brings you something super cerebral, moody, and unique. This year, the Philadelphia band released the B-sides of their 2020 album, The great lugubrious. The Deep Ellum show also features Frankie Rose and Enumclaw.

Tuesday (October 26)

An Unforgettable Day at the South Side Ballroom
There has recently been a whirlwind of controversy surrounding this band’s recently deceased bassist, Joshua Woodward. He announced his departure two weeks ago, citing pressure from the sexual assault allegations that he insists they are false. It also recently broke that Woodward was involved in an accident in 2017, which resulted in one fatality. Do whatever you want with this absolutely crazy information.

Ollie at Club Dada
Need to mourn the end of a relationship? Shed tears? Rediscover your sensations during a midnight journey? Ollie is your guy. His recent EP, Now and forever, has a more upbeat vibe than his previous work, which is the product of a summer of self-reflection and discovery.

Wednesday (October 27)

Erykah Badu at the Deep Ellum Factory
You must already know the unofficial queen of Dallas. Otherwise, we’ve got you more than covered. She’s forced to listen to every Dallasite – a feat soon facilitated with the launch of her next Sonos radio station, BADUBOTRON.

$ uicideboy $, Turnstile and more at the Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory (Irving)
This hip-hop duo has taken the world by storm lately, gaining intense popularity online. Their current “Greyday Tour” also includes punk band Turnstile, British rapper Slowthai and Canadian rapper Night Lovell. It’s a great night for eboys!

Laurent to the trees
Brother-sister duo Clyde and Gracie Lawrence are heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder, Randy Newman, and Aretha Franklin, and they’ve created an eight-person soul-pop group that fits those acts perfectly. Think of Lawrence as funk with a modern twist, perfect for energizing your day.

sinister at Addison Improv (Addison)
Two Dallas-based comedians and girlfriends host this fun true crime podcast, which focuses on a different creepy or cult topic each week as the hosts improvise jokes that bring a certain levity to the dread. Now, sinister brings their super popular podcast to the stage, to tell the spooky history of Dallas in front of the people of Dallas. The offer is in so much demand, in fact, that it’s sold out – sorry for that! Catch them when they come back in November, we guess?

Thursday (October 28)

Julien Baker at the Granada Theater
Baker’s 2021 album Little oversights is a perfect listen for the fall season. The soft and moving voice of this independent singer will warm you like a knitted sweater or a pumpkin and spice latte. In 2018, she collaborated with other indie queens Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus on an EP titled, boygenius. So yes, she is also in good company.

Ducky at Stereo Live Dallas
This San Fran music producer and DJ has been playing EDM in clubs since he was 13, they say. Gaining attention in the online bubble, the artist also released a song with Adult Swim Singles in 2017, which soon after led to sold-out raves.

Friday (October 29)

KXT Local Music Showcase at Four Corners Brewing Co.
This free showcase will feature local artists and local beers. Dallas’ Kyoto Lo-Fi and Reveler’s Hall Band will be in attendance, as will Fort Worth’s Summer Dean, Coppell’s La Bell and Denton’s Ten Hands.

Jackie Venson at the Windmills (The Colony)
You can catch Venson for back-to-back Friday and Saturday deals at The Colony. She is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Austin with a flair for R&B pop. She also released two albums this year, Love transcends and joy of living, the latter being a live album.

A giant dog with three links
We love the idea of ​​there being a literal giant dog available for pets at Three Links, but the energetic indie group is just as exciting. Their latest is a hard and fast cover of the musical’s “Suddenly Seymour” Little shop of horrors, which was commissioned by Amy Poehler to appear in her recent film, Moxie. Singer Sabrina Ellis always delivers a powerful voice, but this particular track shows that she could be the perfect fit for Broadway.

Japanese Breakfast at Deep Ellum Factory
Spotify lists this indie outfit on playlists like “Ultimate Indie,” “Badass,” and “Sad Girl Starter Pack” – so, yes, they have the lineup. They are releasing their third album Jubilee this year to tons of hits, as well as a soundtrack for an indie exploration video game, Sable, which acts as an excellent background music to work on, if one may add.

Saturday (October 30)

Nishi Fest at Esports Stadium (Arlington)
This one is for fans of anime, games and / or other facets of Asian pop culture. The festival welcomes renowned comedians and cosplayers as special guests, and also hosts various attractions, such as a car show, game tournaments and a Halloween-themed afterparty.

Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Code Orange and more at the Dos Equis Pavilion
The Knotfest Roadshow 2021 is gone! With the masked heavy metalers headlining, the rest of the lineup includes Killswitch Engage, Code Orange, and Fever 333. Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is one of many artists on tour right now who are very cautious of pandemic, so be sure to wear your masks, including the prickly, scary, rubber ones.

Reunion Festival at the Dallas Heritage Village
Starting Saturday, this new Dallas festival will continue through Sunday, bringing you more tracks, more food trucks, and a Halloween costume contest. It is also a kid-friendly event, if you are looking for something for the family. In addition, there is a petting zoo and the vendors are local. You can find the full and impressive lineup of artists – including Bob Schneider from Austin, The Suffers from Houston, and local favorites Ottoman Turks and FIT – on the festival site.

The Deathray Davies and Pleasant Grove at the Kessler Theater
The Deathray Davies have been on the scene for 20 years, their latest release being the 2021 album, Time wasted. Certainly, their time in this city has not been wasted. In support, another Dallas team, Pleasant Grove, brings a dramatic, almost gothic twist to country.

Sunday (October 31)

Diamond Platnumz at House of Blues
This recording artist makes bongo flava music, a genre originating from his home country, Tanzania. He broke through with his single “Kamwambie” in 2010 and has since garnered international acclaim, including a 2014 BET nomination for Best International Act: Africa.

Kikagaku Moyo and the Paranoyds at the Deep Ellum Art Company
This groovy night is hosted by a psychedelic Japanese rock band. Founded in Tokyo, Kikagaku Moyo mixes Indian music, folk and acid psych to straighten your chakras. In support is LA band The Paranoyds with their brand of surf-rock, indie rock pop.

Cover photo by Kathy Tran.


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