The 10 Most Streamed Anime Openers Of All Time, According To Spotify

The opening theme song is one of the most memorable aspects of any anime. Anime intros can cover a variety of genres, from pop rock to acid jazz and even shouto metal. Even non-Japanese speaking fans have fallen in love with the anime intro songs and have at least a playlist or two full of their favorites.

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While debates over which songs are objectively the best are rampant across fandoms, Spotify is a great way to gauge which anime intros have captured the hearts of the most fans. Many of the best intros have hundreds of millions of streams.

ten “Shinzo Wo Sasageyo” by Linked Horizon has 135,789,191 streams (Attack On Titan)

The attack of the TitansThe opening theme songs are some of the most iconic in anime, with the latest hit being SiM’s “The Rumbling,” which introduced fans to the second half of the final season. Linked Horizon, however, did two songs for the series. “Guren No Yumiya” was the opening song for the first season, while “Shinzo Wo Sasageyo” was the introduction for the second season.

The latter is more popular than the former, earning 135,789,191 on Spotify. After all, “Shinzo wo sasageyo!” or “Dedicate your hearts”, is one of the show’s most common refrains. The epic feel of the song captures The attack of the Titansaction-packed battles and sums up the overall tone of the series.

9 “Kyouran Hey Kids!!” By The Oral Cigarettes has 138,126,809 streams (Noragami)

Noragami is a beloved supernatural shonen series with an equal blend of comedy and dramatic twists. The series’ first opening song, “Goya No Machiawase” is a high-energy rock song with jarring guitars that immediately immerses the viewer into the world of Yato and the gang.

However, the second opening of the series is extremely popular, even outside the Noragami fandom. “Kyouran Hey Kids!!” by The Oral Cigarettes is a brave song that begins with a memorable riff before the beat begins. The song got 138,126,809 streams on Spotify.

8 Kenshi Yonezu’s “Peace Sign” has gained 149,955,599 streams (My Hero Academia)

If there is a “big three” of modern shonen anime, then My hero academy is absolutely included in it. It helped usher in a new generation of young anime fans and developed a devoted following since its television debut in 2016. Several songs from my hero academiaOSTs have become hugely popular, but few compare to Kenshi Yonezu’s “Peace Sign.”

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It was the second my hero academia opening theme song. It’s an upbeat pop-rock track that kicked off the show’s second season. The lyrics are about overcoming adversity to become a hero, which is basically Izuku’s life story in a nutshell. The song generated 149,955,599 streams on Spotify.

seven “Cry Baby” by Official Hige DANdism has 159,093,352 streams (Tokyo Revengers)

Tokyo avengers took the world by storm after its anime debut in the summer of 2021. Its theme song, sung by Official Hige DANdism, is equally popular. The group has done opening songs for other popular anime series, the most recent being Spy X Family.

“Cry Baby” has attracted listeners even outside the Tokyo avengers fandom. It’s an upbeat and lively opening track that mixes jazzy and theatrical elements with hard rock and excellent vocals from Satoshi Fujihara, the band’s lead singer. “Cry Baby” has generated 159,093,352 streams on Spotify, but the number of streams is growing every day.

6 “Blue Bird” by Ikimonogakari has 167,503,580 streams (Naruto: Shippuden)

Ikimonogakari’s “Blue Bird” was released in 2008 and peaked at number three on the Oricon chart. However, it is still a very popular anime opening that has amassed tons of streams across different platforms. As the Naruto Shippuden‘s third opening, the song has become a fan favorite that is impossible not to sing along to.

It’s a light-hearted J-pop song that wastes no time on the intro and jumps right into Kiyoe Yoshioka’s beautiful vocals. The song gained 167,503,580 streams on Spotify.

5 YOASOBI’s “Kaibutsu” has 183,036,390 streams (Beastars)

YOASOBI was one of the most popular Japanese groups of 2021. The song “Kaibutsu” or “Monster” took off and had a strong spot on the Japanese Billboard Hot 100 charts all year. The song was the Beastars‘ second opening, though even people who haven’t watched the anime are likely familiar with the song due to its widespread popularity on social media.

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“Kaibutsu” is a high-energy J-pop track with an eerie feel and repetitive synth beat that would make it perfect for any Halloween party. “Kaibutsu” has gained 183,036,390 streams on Spotify, but the number is growing every day.

4 Ms. GREEN APPLE’s “Inferno” got 187,091,121 streams (Fire Force)

fire force was one of the standout anime of 2019 after its summer debut. It quickly became one of the most popular shonen series and even eclipsed fan favorites of the genre. Its first intro track, “Inferno” by Ms. GREEN APPLE, is a memorable J-rock track that sums up the whole tone of fire forcethe first season.

As the title suggests, “Inferno” makes many analogies to fire, like a single flame lighting the way in the dark and guiding the listener through. It ends with the emphatic declaration to move on and live your life until someone’s light goes out. It’s a great song that has earned 187,091,121 streams on Spotify.

3 “Unravel” by TK of Ling Tosite Sigure has 226,983,104 streams (Tokyo Ghoul)

“Unravel” by TK From Ling Tosite Sigure has become one of the anime’s most iconic opening songs. It was tokyo ghoulthe first theme song for , and none of the subsequent ones were able to eclipse it. Toru Kitajima’s unique voice and emotional delivery really sells the song with its depressing lyrics that directly parallel Kaneki’s tragic story.

However tokyo ghoulThe anime adaptation of the anime disappointed manga readers, everyone agrees that the anime soundtrack was one of its highlights, especially with that excellent opening theme song . “Unravel” has generated 226,983,104 streams on Spotify and has become a staple on every anime fan’s playlist.

2 “Kaikai Kitan” by Eve has 258,728,684 streams (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen was the breakout anime of 2020 after its fall premiere. Fans instantly fell in love with characters like the ever-optimistic Yuji Itadori and white-haired prodigy Satoru Gojo. Jujutsu Kaisen has many strong points, and its soundtrack is no exception.

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Eve’s “Kaikai Kitan” quickly became one of the most streamed anime openings of 2020 after fans first heard it as Jujutsu Kaisenopens. The song is a perfect blend of J-pop, rock, and even hip-hop with a unique voice that sets it apart from other anime openings. “Kaikai Kitan” has recorded 258,728,684 streams on Spotify.

1 “Gurenge” by LiSA has 312,135,514 streams (Demon Slayer)

demon slayer has had a stronghold on the anime community since its debut in 2019. Produced by UFOtable, demon slayerThe brilliant art style of was brought to life in the most colorful way imaginable with a soundtrack that really brings the story to life.

The series’ first opener, “Gurenge,” was performed by J-rock legend LiSA. His vocals shone on this intense rock song and helped to further immerse viewers in the dark world of demon slayer. The song is a real thrill, and listeners can feel LiSA’s emotions as they listen to it. “Gurenge” has gained 312,135,514 streams on Spotify, but the number continues to rise.

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