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“This is my first time here at KCON, the biggest K-Culture festival in the world. Glad to see you all here. The energy here charges me, ”said Rain, Korean pop icon. “It was great to be able to share this moment with all of you. It’s great to share this moment with you. I want to be with you next time.

Much love was exchanged between fans and some of K-Pop‘s biggest stars as the highly anticipated virtual K culture gathering returned to KCON: TACT HI 5. In the Philippines, the event aired live exclusively on Smart’s new GigaPlay app, giving subscribers free access to watch live performances and meet up events from September 18-26.

GigaPlay is a mobile application where Smart subscribers can watch exclusive live sports and entertainment events. An exclusive streaming channel for smart mobile users to stream video anytime, anywhere in the Philippines, GigaPlay is the latest source of exclusive and free live concerts and sporting events live and on-demand. .


On its last day, September 26, fans around the world, including the Philippines, were treated to incredible performances from ITZY, NFB, THE BOYZ and Rain.

ONF performed their hits “Popping”, “Dry Ice” and “Light ON” on a stage inspired by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which they said “is a city girls want to visit with their boyfriends.” They then took the opportunity to be their fans’ boyfriends for the night, recording sweet messages for them and making a live video call with two lucky fans. Later, ONF returned for a special K-Pop Reborn scene, where they performed a cover of BTS’s “Black Swan”.

THE BOYZ also performed their hit tracks “Thrill Ride”, “Stealer”, “Reveal” and a relay dance version of “No Air”. After their performance, the 11 band members expressed how amazing it was to be able to perform their 2018 track after a while. “It was amazing. We are happy to play him here,” they told their fans.


During this time, ITZY sang fan favorites “LOCO”, “SoooLucky”, Tennis “and” In The Morning “and had an amazing time interacting with their MIDZY fans. During their performance, they also met Daisy, a fan from the Philippines, who has an incredible collection of ITZY posters and merchandise proudly displayed on the wall in her bedroom. Later, Yeji, who happens to be Daisy’s favorite member, accepted a special request to sing a few lines from Korean singer Wendy’s song “WhenThe Rain Stops”.

Besides the concerts, KCON also hosted fun and interactive dating events. Hosted by Lee Gwikang, THE BOYZ and ONF played a variety of board games and exchanged messages with their fans through the KCON chat room. Meanwhile, ITZY, who received a basket of flowers with hidden messages from their fans, expressed gratitude for the love and support they received. “MIDZY sends us so much support. We also want to be your support. Continue to support us! “


Finally, K-Pop legend Rain proved his eternal stage power with performances of “Why Don’t We”, “Love story”, “It’s Raining” and “Hip Song”.

Other performances offered by T1419 and the J-Pop group INI also added flair to the event, which also served as an awareness and fundraising campaign for KCON: TACT HI 5, CJ Entertainment and the KCON campaign. UNESCO for girls’ education. The campaign aims to send disadvantaged girls around the world to schools and receive education for a better future.

To watch your favorite moments from KCON: TACT HI 5, go to your GigaPlay app or download here and click http://smrt.ph/gigaplay.



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