Sync Meets Rhythm As Nigerian Dancers Tackle K-Pop Dance

Synchronization and rhythm clashed as 40 Nigerian dancers took to K-Pop dance at the 2022 K-Pop Dance Academy.

Organized annually by the Korea Culture Center Nigeria, the K-Pop Dance Academy trains Nigerian dancers and K-Pop fans in the art of K-Pop Dance, with the help of professional K-Pop choreographers such as than Jay Kim, who has worked in 40 countries and 73 cities.

Kim, who arrived just in time last July to serve on the judging panel for the 2022 K-Pop dance competition, didn’t know what to expect. That the cultures of the two nations differ was clear as day. But a preview video of Nigerian dancers before his visit reassured him. “From the videos, I saw that Nigeria has a lot of good dancers.”

He was right. Like all other African dancers, Nigerian dancers have a natural rhythm, flexibility and energy. In fact, Nigerian academy dancers such as Elevatorz Dance Group, Praise Nelson, Miracle Nelson and… are enjoying thriving dance careers. Winner of the 2015 World K-Pop Competition, Praise Nelson, an up-and-coming choreographer, rose to national fame at the 2020 Big Brother Naija Show; Miracle Nelson currently in Korea recently posted a video with his K-Pop crew; …is arguably the first national K-Pop competition winner to release a K-Pop Dance music video, and Elevatorz, a familiar entertainment in Abuja’s event space, opens a Trado – Hip Hop concert titled Renaissance later in august.

Kim had nothing to fear.

Well, not quite. He struggled in the early classes as the tightly synchronized movements of K-Pop clashed with the energetic, flexible and “personalized” movements of Nigerian dancers.

story, and each story has a type of dance to communicate to the audience.

“I was dancing before I got into K-Pop in 2015. K-Pop style is different and I like to be versatile. I love all styles of dance, traditional, contemporary, etc. “said Oyene.

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