Spider-Man: No Way Home Toys Presents Black Spidey, Doctor Strange & J. Jonah Jameson Costume

The toys from the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home movie are now available for pre-order, and if we know anything it’s that these toys will give us an idea of ​​what to expect in the movie. In 2017, a Lego set for Spider-Man: Homecoming let us know that The Shocker and Damage Control would be part of the movie. Here’s what we can understand from the newly revealed No Way Home toys.

First, there are many figures for Spider-Man in a black and gold suit. We have seen this used a few times in the past. The most recent was the Spider-Man video game for PS4, where Peter Parker made a costume made from the same material as Doctor Octavius’ tentacles, in order to fight him. The other time we saw a black and gold suit in the comics was when Spider-Man was wearing the Spider-Armor MK II suit. Parker designed this costume after losing his Spidey-Sense in order to give him a head start in battle. None of these combinations look the same as the new toy, which you can see below. Plus, it doesn’t look anything like the Symbiote Spider-Man suit, in case you saw a Spidey in a black suit and thought we were getting Venom in the MCU. It will be available exclusively at Target, but is not yet available for pre-order.


There’s another new Spidey costume on display for the Funko Pops, and that’s the built-in Spider-Man costume. It’s the red, blue, and gold costume with some sort of Doctor Strange mysticism incorporated into it. Why does Spider-Man need mysticism in his costume? We are thinking of jumping into the multiverse. This movie has the multiverse, right? Plus, there’s also a Doctor Strange Funko Pop, and he’s holding a shovel. Why is he holding a shovel? We have no idea. You can also check them out above. You can pre-order the new Funko Pops at Target, including an exclusive Giant pop.

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There’s also the return of JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson – which came as a big surprise at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. There’s a Marvel Legends figure on his way with his face and angry outlook, which likely lets viewers back home know that Spider-Man is a threat – and a murderer.

Lego also has an interesting set coming up. Spider-Man will team up with Doctor Strange in the Sanctum Workshop Spider-Man Playset, which will cost $ 40. The next 355-piece set includes four mini figures: Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, MJ, and Wong. Looks like they’re fighting a giant Scorpion.

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Additionally, two more Lego sets were revealed: Spider-Man drone duel (from Homecoming) and Spider-Man vs. Mysterio’s Drone Attack (from far from home). While the Drone Attack set looks pretty typical, the Drone Duel is a bit interesting as the Spider-Man minifigure contained in the set is in the black and gold suit, which is from No Way Home. Could Spider-Man travel to his past adventures? Is The Vulture Returning For The New Movie? Or is it all just a coincidence? No way to tell until we get a real trailer for the film, and it’s not yet clear when that will happen.

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