SM Entertainment’s aespa shares who influenced their fashion style with DAZED: K-WAVE: koreaportal


Karina d’Aepas then chose the American model, Kendall Jenner. Notably, Karina and Kendall rocked the same style, so it’s no surprise that the K-pop star chose her.

Going deeper, Karina shared that she personally likes the solid undertones in the clothes she wears, similar to Kendall. Although Karina idolizes the model, she revealed that she didn’t want to copy her because she wanted to be original herself.


For the aespa visual, Winter chose several people she admires in fashion. Winter is influenced by model Barabara Palvin, Mikako, a J-pop idol from FAKY, and Aoi Yu, the famous Japanese model and actress.

The aespa member revealed that she chose the three people mentioned as role models because their three different styles also match her. For winter, less is more in terms of what she’s looking for in fashion.


Turning to Giselle d’Aespa, the rapper noted that the person who inspires her in her fashion style is her own mother. Notably, Giselle’s mother was a fashion designer, so fashion runs deep in Giselle’s veins.


Aespa’s own maknae revealed that she is inspired by her mother and grandmother due to the fact that both are bursting with style. Thinking back to when she was younger, Ningning revealed that she would emulate her mother’s fashion style as a child.

The four members of aespa truly embody the true sense of fashion as each has their own style and tempo.

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