Sick Trolls, K-pop Idol Jiwoo, NMIXX Fans Fire Back: “She’s Only 16”

The members of NMIXX have great potential and are on their way to becoming JYPE’s next biggest girl group. Each member went viral in their pre-debut days for song or dance covers while their blind pre-order crossed 61,000 in 10 days. But it hasn’t been easy navigating for the new girl group after their February week two debut. They have been embroiled in several plagiarism scandals as their song was called “the worst debut ever” by US media that barely covers K-pop. And now 16-year-old Jiwoo is being shamed.

Since the early days of K-pop, agencies have ensured that their female idols have an almost zero-waist or skinny figure that has now become the norm. Unfortunately, this means that young girls have to diet while exhausting themselves practicing day and night without proper health care. This has led trolls and anti-fans to cyberbully those who don’t fit that standard in the slightest.

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NMIXX’s Jiwoo is ashamed of fat

Previously, TWICE’s Jeongyeon was fat-shamed as she visibly gained weight due to her anxiety medication and alleged steroids she took for surgery. Kep1er’s Chaehyun, who is only 19, is often mocked as trolls claim his belly is big. And now, NMIXX’s Jiwoo is ashamed that he looked “thicker” than the other members when they appeared on “Weekly Idol.” In her individual fancam, there were several comments ranging from users curious about her body, giving unsolicited advice on how to lose weight, to nasty comments shaming her.

“She’s underage”

Angry fans blame these trolls for bullying and mocking a 16-year-old. One NSWER (NMIXX fandom) tweeted: “JIWOO IS NOT FAT she af**king 16 and you call her fat wtf is wrong with y’all me and jiwoo are basically the same body shape SHE A UNDER sorry but the korean beauty standard is beyond me, how can you find her fat, that would be considered a normal body shape in America. Another fan posted, “Jiwoo is funny Jiwoo is handsome Jiwoo is cute Jiwoo is talented Jiwoo is versatile Jiwoo is precious Jiwoo is beautiful Jiwoo is stylish Jiwoo is smart Jiwoo is adorable Jiwoo is perfect and doesn’t need to change for anyone.

One shared, “Me when someone had the audacity to talk about jiwoo beautiful b0dy.” Another NSWER added, “Jiwoo’s weekly idol fancam is full of bodyshaming and calling her names?? she was literally born in 2005 and yet you bully a minor because of her weight? totally normal and there’s nothing wrong gtfo 😭 the NMIXX hate train for likes crosses lines. One angry fan remarked, “I’m actually so crazy that people are really shaming a 16 year old girl. she’s talented, how angelic her voice, how she raps, how well she dances.” Another NSWER commented, “Jiwoo is perfect the way she is!! She doesn’t need to lose weight, you stupid need to change your mind.”

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