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Boy group Seventeen poses at an online press conference Friday. (Pledis Entertainment)

The K-pop sensation Seventeen greeted the fall foliage, fall breeze and October romance by releasing their ninth EP, “Attacca,” Friday afternoon, returning almost four months after their previous job.

“Attacca” follows on from the band’s previous album and their “Power of Love” project. The EP is aptly named – attacca is a musical direction at the end of one movement to start the next without a break.

At a press conference on Friday, the 13-member group compared the album to “exploring feelings of passionate love and affection towards your lover.”

Power of Love is the group’s project for 2021 to fill the year with different types of love songs. Wonwoo and Mingyu began with the release of a digital single, “Bittersweet,” which explored the dilemma between love and friendship. In July, the band released their eighth EP, “Your Choice,” taking the storytelling to the next level – a confession of feelings.

Mingyu said the new album is filled with passion, and Woozi said fans should expect “how Seventeen will express the different feelings of love this time around.”

Wonwoo also said that in addition to love stories, he wanted to convey the “precious” emotions of love and friendship to listeners.

Boy group Seventeen poses at an online press conference Friday.  (Pledis Entertainment)

Boy group Seventeen poses at an online press conference Friday. (Pledis Entertainment)

The album’s main title is “Rock with you”, which Jeonghan described as “a rock-based instrument in the background with bursting and powerful energy intertwined with synth and guitar sounds”. The lyrics are about wanting to stay and be with your lover, the singer added.

As a self-taught idol group on the music scene, Vernon and Joshua wrote the lyrics for the song, and producer Woozi is listed as both lyricist and songwriter. The seven song package also contains “To You” and “Crush”, as well as three other songs from the group’s three subunits.

The song “PANG!” is sung by the band’s performance unit – Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino – while “Imperfect love” is interspersed with vocals from the band’s vocal team – Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan – and the hip-hop unit shows off their rap skills in “I Can’t Run Away”.

The band’s seven-song package also includes their first English track, “2 minus 1,” which was co-written and performed by Joshua and Vernon, with Woozi contributing to the line-up.

Speaking on the band’s English track, Vernon said he got the idea to thank Carats, the band’s fandom around the world. Joshua, who wrote the tune, said he also thought about how fans would react to the song to put it all together.

“Vernon first suggested a pop-funk genre to me, which reminded me of the 2009s when I was listening to Avril Lavigne songs. I think I might have thought about the past and thought the genre would fit the overall theme of our song, ”Joshua said.

Speaking of what fans should be paying attention to, DK said the group has become more mature this time around. “We talk about love in our songs, but compared to our previous album, this album is about passionate love,” he added.

(Pledis Entertainment)

(Pledis Entertainment)

“Attacca” is Seventeen’s first album since all band members renewed their contracts with management company Pledis Entertainment. For the remainder of the year, the group will continue as an 11-piece act so that Chinese members Jun and The8 can focus on activities in their home countries that had been postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asked about the other two members of the Chinese group, Seungkwan said, “From the stage to my daily life, I miss them. We pre-recorded our scene before attending the press conference, and both members thanked us for singing their parts. They are doing well in China, and so are we.

Wonwoo added that the group had already filmed various content with the Chinese members in advance so that fans “don’t feel the void.”

Group leader S.Coups said he hopes the rest of the promotional activities go smoothly, without anyone getting sick or injured.

“I couldn’t be on stage for our previous song, and our fans were worried about it,” he said, referring to when he had to take a break during the last comeback due to ‘a shoulder injury.

S.Coups went on to say that a “good result” would come if the band’s album and songs were listened to by many people, and hoped that this could be the driving force behind the next album.

Seungkwan also expressed high hopes for the group’s performance in the music charts.

“At the press conference for our previous album, I think I said my goal was to sit on top of the Billboard charts. We actually recorded our song at # 15 on Billboard 200, so why not aim for # 1 this time? ” he said.

With the new album, the band hit their fifth “million sellers,” as pre-orders for the album surpassed the one-million mark in a single day.

The collection of seven tracks was released Friday at 1 p.m.

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