Seasoned K-pop star CL releases second single, ‘Lover Like Me’ from upcoming new album, ‘Alpha’


South Korean rapper CL has just released her second single, “Lover Like Me” with her stunning music video. The song is part of her upcoming full album, “Alpha”, which will be released in October 2021. The album’s first single named “Spicy” was released on August 24th. The second soundtrack was released on September 29. The clip gained hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube within hours of its release. Fans are pouring out their love and admiration for the singer and the song in the comments section.

The world-famous artist shared a teaser for the clip on his Instagram on Monday. She wrote: “Remember the last time you called me Chaelin?” as a legend. In the teaser clip, we see her singing the lines of the song: “You will never, never find a lover like me”. His previous track “Spicy” featured a guest appearance by award-winning actor John Malkovich. He also presented a live remix performance with other South Korean rappers like Lil Cherry, Omega Sapien and sokodomo.

The singer has still not revealed the release date of the album. It was due out in November 2020, but later she postponed the fall. She said on her Instagram Stories that she wanted to incorporate the new ideas she developed into the album. CL described “Alpha” as a representation of his growth in an interview with Billboard. She revealed to Allure Magazine that the album will represent her alpha female being and feature never-before-seen sides of her.

Songwriting credits for the track, ‘Liver Like Me’ include CL herself and Anne-Marie among others. The K-pop idol wowed audiences by not following current trends and expressing himself through the song and its vibrant music video. The exceptional visual presentation enhances the sparkle of the track. The whole concept of music video empowers the audience. CL recently attended the Met Gala wearing an Alexander Wang denim ensemble. The clip is available on YouTube and other major streaming sites.

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