‘Save Loona’: Orbits campaign to stop K-pop girl group from disbanding as IZ * ONE

Remember the viral “Stan Loona” moment on social media the past few years? Well, Orbits (Loona’s fandom) may be set to show off their online presence once again to help the iconic girl group. And this time they have the “Save Loona” trend. On September 28, a Korean news agency reported that K-pop group’s agency Blockberry Creative was having financial issues that worried fans about how it would affect Loona and whether they would disband.

The report suggested that it was common knowledge in the K-pop industry that Blockberry Creative had not paid the several outsourced companies that had worked with them. Some say that this amount of unpaid wages can even reach hundreds of millions of won. Out of respect for their partnership and the artists under the agency, the outsourced staff have been working for months without being paid for months but it has started to affect the label and Loona.

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Is Loona going to separate?

Recently, it was revealed that the record studios and producers are no longer happy with the management of the agency and are not going to continue producing music for Blockberry Creative. The effects can be felt as the Japanese release of Loona did not have a music video. The agency ignored the payment of four billion won insurance taxes, salaries and service charges. For this reason, Loona’s future activities and music are uncertain.

Currently, Loona member Chuu has been booked for several concerts as the variety shows seem to like her. But the agency doesn’t think paying through these reservations will be enough to pay off their debts. Previously, the IZ * ONE fandom had raised over $ 2.6 million to save the group. So, Orbits hopes they can do something similar so that Loona doesn’t have to disband.

“Loona deserves so much better”

Concerned fans posted messages like, “As you have seen the BBC is literally going down, so we need maximum help and support for Loona, we can email at the BBC I don’t know if that would help but it’s a good path but we have to support them because the band has a chance to disband “,” I’m in this loona shit for life and I really wouldn’t know not what to do with myself if they said “and” save loona one album at a time. One Orbit shared, “Bruh, we can’t lose Loona this year after losing both izone and gfriend wtf.”

“Okay, even though Loona doesn’t say anything and the BBC is making it out alive, Loona deserves so much better than this shitty company… they have to be saved immediately,” said another fan. One fan tried to joke, “I’m about to join the squid game and give the money I earn to Loona ,,, I can’t lose them.” Some even tried to rope Elon Musk, “SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE LOONA @elonmusk GOWON IS LITERALLY YOUR CHILD’S SPONSOR YOU MUST HELP HIM AND IF YOU AND GRIMES D WORDED AND LOONA HAVE FOR TAKE CARE OF HIM WHAT WILL YOU DO WITHOUT MONEY HUH ????? ”

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