San Jose’s Chow Mane Flips Popular EDM Song “Satisfaction” In New “What’s My Name” Video

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Published on August 4, 2022 |
by Marilyn Reles

Bay Area hip-hop artist and producer Chow Mane takes things up a notch with perhaps his most energetic hit yet, “What’s My Name.” Intended to represent the underground West Coast Asian subculture, “What’s My Name” offers a throwback to the popular EDM track “Satisfaction,” which gained popularity within the rave community. The track fuses the lyrical styles of San Diego’s Chow Mane and Dane Amar on the uniquely sampled track by Japanese producer Zuma. Pairing Chow Mane’s signature deep vocals with grimy synths creates a unique juxtaposition to Dane’s light and relaxed delivery, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish.

In true Chow Mane fashion, the track comes with a unique and colorful music video that begins with him stumbling drunk in a mysterious warehouse. There he met several beautiful women who do not take his presence lightly. When he arrives drunk, they pin Chow Mane on a stretcher and taunt him with torture devices while he kicks off the song with an infectious chorus. Only someone with a comedic touch like Chow Mane can make something like torture playful. Halfway through, he passes the baton to Dane, who is also being held captive by these women, where they help each other escape from their grimy, psychedelic captivity. Cut with performance shots of the two rappers dancing the night away, “What’s My Name” ends on a high note, making you want to play the track again.

About Chow Mane: Like a master chef, Bay Area rapper and producer Chow Mane is known for his diverse, unorthodox yet carefully crafted artistry. Sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter (but always savory), the flavors of Chow Mane’s music range from light and cheeky to melodic and sobering. Chow Mane combines an infectious delivery, playful vocals and full soundscapes to create a subtle balance between hip-hop, R&B and West Coast pop.

Chow Mane has earned national recognition for his sonic versatility — being able to switch between crooning storytelling in his nostalgic single “WOES IN THE 510” to cultural pun in his viral hit “ABG.” Fans quickly latched onto Chow’s bouncy delivery and raspy vocals, and he produced a string of viral singles such as “Candy (What’s The Word)”, “Tasty!” and “San José”. Soon, Chow began to prove his global appeal, emerging in Asian and Latin American markets through collaborations with Bay Area artists like Guapdad 4000 and Lil B.

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