Ryan Reynolds reacts to Deadpool-inspired performance by K-Pop group Stray Kids

K-Pop group Stray Kids gave an epic Deadpool-inspired performance and Reynolds started following the trend on Twitter for his perfect response.

K-Pop group Stray Kids performed an epic dead Pool-inspired act, catching the attention of Ryan Reynolds who responded in a typical way dead Pool fashion. dead Pool premiered in 2016 and its cutting-edge humor, superhero action, and fourth Wall Breaking made it an instant hit. The success of the first film led to the release of Deadpool 2 in 2018, which also performed very well with the highly anticipated introduction of Cable, played by Josh Brolin. Now we are talking about a Deadpool 3 in the works, although an exact release date has yet to be revealed.

the dead Pool the films strongly propelled Reynolds into the limelight for his stellar performance as Merc with a Mouth. Before his role as dead Pool, Reynolds was best known for his appearance in various comedies such as Proposal and Just friends. However, after his dead Pool role, Reynolds became a favorite both on and off the screen, as fans were delighted with his acting skills, his wry humor, and his high-profile relationship with Blake Lively. Even five years after the original film, fans and artists are finding ways to incorporate the iconic film into their art, and Reynolds loves it.

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South Korean boy band, Stray Kids, caught Reynolds be careful when they gave a dead Pool-inspired performances on Kingdom: legendary war (Going through Mnet K-POP). The performance combined their hit song “God’s Menu” with BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and opened with lead singer Felix wearing a dead Pool mask and restoring an icon dead Pool scene. The rest of the performance has minor Deadpool references spread throughout with guns, samurai swords, and comedic themed graphics. In typical dead Pool fashion, Reynolds responded to the performance on Twitter, saying, “Oh hello @Stray_Kids.” Check out Reynolds’ performance and response below:

The performance quickly caught the attention of dead Pool fans on social networks, who immediately began to create mash-ups combining dead Pool scenes with excerpts from the performance of Stray Kids. On one of those mash-ups, Reynolds posted the comment along with his dead Pool quote, labeling of stray children. Soon, Reynolds started following the trends on Twitter as the performance gained recognition and fans rejoiced in his support for the Stray Kids. The Twitter frenzy that followed was a mix of fans complimenting K-Pop‘s performance, discussing their discovery of Stray Kids through Reynolds, and imagining the group members’ reaction when Reynolds noticed them.

Stray Kids’ performance was unique and artistic and should give them an edge in the K-Pop reality show competition. Their performance is a prime example of the many unique and amazing ways fans find to incorporate their favorite movies and shows into their own art. It was heartwarming to see Reynolds recognize the group’s performance and respond with his little one. dead Pool quote, as it was a connotation of a shared Marvel love dead Pool between them and a recognition of mutual respect. It is encouraging to see a celebrity who is not too busy to shout the work of other artists and it is also impressive for all fans of pop culture, that one can transform their passion and love of a film franchise in a beautiful expression of art.

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