Rina Sawayama announces new album Hold The Girl

Rina Sawayama has revealed the title and release date of her brand new studio album. Breaking the news via Instagram, the Japanese-born British singer-songwriter confirmed that the album would be titled hold the girland will land on September 2.

The second studio album by the rising star of alternative pop, which stole the show at last month’s Coachella festival in California, is one of the most anticipated releases of 2022. hold the girl was accompanied by a dramatic trailer for the new album, featuring various snippets of footage put together with guitar snippets, drum clashes, and vocal lines.

In 2020, Rina released her first album, Sawayamacritical acclaim, with particular praise for the record’s diversity of influences and heavy use of rock and metal on tracks like XS, STFU! and Who’s gonna save you now? If these (very) early indicators are up to snuff, it looks like Rina dug similar inspirations for Hold the girl.

When we talk to metal hammer last year about his epic Metallica cover Enter Sandman for their Blacklist project, Rina discussed how metal and hard rock influenced her songwriting.

“My music is a mix of a lot of different genres, but I always find myself drawing inspiration from metal,” she noted. “Songs like STFU! and XS obviously have metal/nu metal influences, but even my early songs like [2017’s] Life after death do too. I love pairing pop production with crisp guitar riffs and an epic solo.”

Watch the announcement video for hold the girl below.

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