“Pop it at Basel” with Crypto Couture Cherry from SuperPopDrop.com

SearchLight AR installation in front of The Delano at Art Basel 2021

A Gif image of a samurai with a moving background and face transforms into a samurai mask with Miss J. Alexander featuring Crypto Couture NFT Drop at Superpopdrop.com

Fashion Samurai Image featuring Miss J. Alexanders Crypto Couture Drop 12/9/21 on Superpopdrop.com

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SuperPopDrop Presents Limited Edition Crypto Couture Cherry Platinum at Art Basel 2021

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – “Pop it at Basel” with the purchase of this very rare TVN created exclusively for Art Basil through a limited edition Basil Platinum Crypto Couture Cherry NFT. Cherry represents ease SuperPopDrop.com purchased your first NFT, which no longer requires crypto or digital wallet setup before your purchase. Instead, NFTs can be purchased with just a few clicks using services like ApplePay, PayPal Credit Card, and even Crypto. The NFT is then struck and delivered by Venly. Secondary sales are easily taken care of through Venly Marketplace, OpenSea, and forthcoming, SuperPopDrop.com. NFTs can be an investment or a practical application where some offer digital fashion via AR / VR. When the time comes, you can easily resell your asset in a global market, often at a huge profit.

Experience Platinum Cherry via AR during Basil
Check out the Platinum Crypto Couture Cherry through the largest AR NFT exhibit during Art Basel Miami and Miami Artweek 2021 through an exhibit by SearchLight and. SearchLight Artists represent the best NFT artists in the industry chosen through an extensive application process, verification and review by a panel of impartial industry experts.

SearchLight artist James Moritz collaborates with Miss J
SearchLight artists include award-winning celebrity, fashion and luxury brand photographer James Moritz, the artist collaborating with Miss J to market this collection, and the artist behind Crypto Couture Cherry.

SuperPopDrop.com chose to partner with the iconic Miss J because of her unique ability to communicate on complex topics such as buying an NFT, digital fashion, and the metaverse with both educational humor. and informative. Follow SuperPopDrop or Miss J on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube to make sure you don’t miss the hilarious “Miss J’s Journey into the Metaverse” video series. Designed to teach anyone regardless of their tech background and experience the basics of NFT, Digital Fashion Apparel, AR / VR, Cryptography, and Decentraland on the Metaverse. These are essential topics that everyone must understand as we enter this new era where the Metaverse will play a major role in how we can live life from the comfort of our home with friends and family members from all over the world. whole.

This new frontier called the Metaverse allows us to present a version of ourselves that represents what we feel without cultural biases. The metaverse and NFTs represent a huge change in the way we interact with people around the world and present a significant change where everyone is equal and has the same opportunities.

After your sale is complete, your NFT is emailed to you with step-by-step instructions on claiming, storing, and even selling in secondary markets. 10% of all proceeds go to the Super Phoenix Foundation, which helps support homeless youth. This Platinum Crypto Couture Cherry is a special edition and part of Miss J’s Crypto Couture, which will be released on December 9. Presale items have already been resold up to 200 times the original purchase price.

Art Basil Crypto Couture Cherry can only be purchased through AR Exhibits and a special link created for those who have been to the show or reviews and articles in subsequent weeks. We will not be releasing this special coin on our website due to its rarity, but we do have a few coins left for sale through the link below:

To buy click on this link: https://vip.superpopdrop.com/PlatinumCherry

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“Pop it at Basel” with the purchase of this very rare NFT created exclusively for Art Basil through a limited edition Basil Platinum Crypto Couture Cherry NFT.

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