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Black Francis of alt-rock band Pixies has something to say about recent events unfolding around the world, though most of them can be summed up with the phrase “dark and dystopian.”

The guitarist sat down in a new interview with NMEwhere he spoke candidly about his disapproval of the current situation, saying, “Some of the events of the last few years, with the presidential election in the United States and Donald Trump and all this other nonsense, and then the coronavirus pandemic and now the global recession, in the midst of these extreme weather conditions, adds it all up and it starts to look very dystopian.

“There are ripples of tension everywhere you look,” he continued. “There’s economic pressure on people and you see it when you go to Aldi and realize, ‘Damn, there’s four security guards in this fucking discount grocery store so I don’t run away not with too many cans of tuna for free!””

“Between that and everything else – the US banning abortion but not guns, despite the mass shootings, and oh! Tomorrow is the hottest day of the year – it feels like going to hell in a hand basket, and it’s the most grim and dystopian of my life. I am embarrassed in front of my children, I apologize shyly: “Sorry, the world is as corrupt as it is!”

That said, it’s not all bleak for the entertainer, who admitted to having had a rather idyllic time cooped up at home – minus the intense touring cycle – with his chickens and children during the pandemic shutdowns.

“I was raising chickens and hanging out with my teenagers for a year and a half and I wasn’t necessarily excited to go back into the world because everything finally stopped and slowed down and I was able to enjoy of a few simple things in my life for the first time,” the 57-year-old explained. “Apart from the whole doomsday atmosphere, there was a lot of it that felt really good.”

In other Pixies related news, the band will be releasing their eighth studio album Doggerel in September and have since shared the single There’s a moon on.

Francis said of the upcoming album, “We were putting simplicity on a pedestal for this album. As the Japanese would say, why would you want to take that perfectly good piece of fish and spoil it by cooking it? We were drawn to minimalism.

Read the full interview here.

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