‘Pachinko’: Airdate, Where to Watch, Trailer and All About Lee Minho’s Global K-drama

With the international success of K-dramas like “Squid Game”, “Kingdom”, “Sweet Home” and “All Of Us Are Dead”, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood entered the mainstream. K-drama industry. On February 26, Korean movie star Lee Jungjae became the second “Squid Game” actor to sign with Creative Artists Agency, home to Beyonce and Zendaya. And now we get “Pachinko,” the first global K-drama produced by Apple TV and starring none other than K-drama favorite Lee Minho.

Based on the 2017 American bestselling novel of the same name, “Pachinko” is the perfect topic to introduce non-fans to the world of K-drama. After working on the project for four years, the creators shared that it’s not just a period drama, but an epic tale of love, angst, betrayal and turmoil. policies. And ‘Pachinko’ goes all out because they’ve toured all over the world, from Japan to South Korea and Canada. It also stars the likes of Minari’s Youn Yuh-jung, Korea’s first Oscar-winning actor, “The King” co-stars Lee Minho and Jung Eun-chae, and Anna Sawai of “Fast and Furious.”

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Broadcasting date

“Pachinko” will air its first three episodes on March 25, followed by weekly episodes until April 29.

where to watch

All eight episodes of “Pachinko” will be available on Apple TV+.


Being a global project that covers the Japanese invasion and the life of Korean immigrants, “Pachinko” will be available in Korean, Japanese, and English.


The story of “Pachinko” is set during the Japanese invasion of South Korea in the 1900s. It follows Sunja’s family who become pregnant after an affair with a married man and move to Japan with another man to a better life for her unborn child. Like Youn Yuh-jung’s “Minari,” which was about a Korean family in the United States, “Pachinko” also deals with the identity crisis, immigrant life, and family duty of Sunja’s Korean descendants settled in Tokyo, Japan.

To throw

Youn Yuh-jung – The Oscar-winning actress plays the current Sunja who tells the story of her youth and how she ended up in Japan.

Youn Yuh-jung plays Sunja, the family matriarch who is explored in ‘Pachinko’ (Matt Petit/Getty Images)

Kim Minha – The newcomer will play young Sunja who becomes pregnant and must figure out how to give her unborn child a better life.

Lee Minho – A K-drama favorite, this is his first drama after 2020 hit “The King” and his first Hollywood project. He will play the enigmatic Hansu who has a dark past but does his best to help Sunja.

Jinha – He is best known for the iconic Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. This is the theatrical actor’s first K-drama. He plays Sunja’s well-established grandson, Soloman, who lives in present-day Tokyo.

Anna Sawai – The Japanese-New Zealand actress was a J-pop idol and is known for her role in the ninth episode of ‘Fast and Furious’, ‘F9’. She plays Naomi in ‘Pachinko’.

Soji Arai – He is a Japanese theater actor and plays Baek Mozasu, Sunja’s son who doesn’t belong in Japanese schools because he was racially motivated bullying.

Kaho Minami – She is a popular Korean-Japanese actress who has starred in several hit movies like ‘Tokyo: The Last War’ and ‘Blue Hour’. She was previously married to Japanese movie star Ken Watanabe. Minami plays Etsuko in ‘Pachinko’.


Watch the first official trailer for ‘Pachinko’.

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