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IWight musician Rhian Teasdale formed indie rock duo Wet Leg with Hester Chambers in 2019. The band released two singles in 2021, Chaise Longue and Wet Dream, which became instant hits thanks to their witty lyrics and meaning some pleasure. Wet Leg’s self-titled debut album was released in April and is shortlisted for the 2022 Mercury Prize, which is announced on Thursday. Wet Leg is touring the UK and Ireland from November 13-27.

1. Concert

Mitsky, Glastonbury

Mitski performs on the Park Stage at Glastonbury. Photography: David Levene/The Guardian

It was on the Park stage, just after dusk, and she was running into Paul McCartney, so her set felt very intimate. His performance was so inspiring. She tells a story with her body – I’ve never seen anyone do anything like this before. Sometimes when you watch live music you can miss some of the lyrics, but she put her whole being into all the words so you really felt them.

2. App

Be real

BeReal app displayed on a smartphone
BeReal offers a slower version of social media. Photography: Vladyslav Yushynov/Alamy

It’s social media, but you only get a notification on your phone once a day saying, “It’s time to post your BeReal.” You have two minutes to post – it takes photos from your front and back cameras, so you see the person’s face and what they’re looking at. I have about 10 friends there and it’s good, especially to be on tour, to know what they are doing. It’s mostly my roommates in the paddling pool or people in front of their laptops that look pretty hot. The thing is, you’re not lucky enough to keep it. It’s just really healthy.

3. Fashion

Renli Su

'Collections Inspired by Stories': A Model in Clothes by Renli Su
‘Collections inspired by stories’: a model in clothes by Renli Su. Photography: Danny Martindale/WireImage

Renli Su dressed us for Glastonbury, Hester and me, and I really like them because their collections always seem to be inspired by stories – real people, but also myths, poems or ballets – but based on women who went against the grain. The clothes are all quite traditionally feminine. They look like the way women dress in period dramas, which I hate, but in the classified ads on the designs it says, “This collection is based on a magician who was as good as Houdini , but his story has been forgotten.” I appreciate the juxtaposition.

4. Television

peep show

David Mitchell and Robert Webb in Peep Show.
David Mitchell and Robert Webb in Peep Show. Photo: Angus Young/Channel 4

It’s my favorite TV show. I still watch it regularly and find it heartwarming even though it’s so dark. Everyone says he’s a Mark or a Jeremy, especially in domestic situations: in my house I’m definitely a Jeremy – I’m the weird musician who comes along and can’t really take care of themselves . We watch it on the tour bus if we can get the TV to work. We always end up in trouble because we’ll get some quotes out of it and if you haven’t watched it, it will seem a little strange.

5. Music video

Howl by Katy J Pearson

Katy J Pearson in the clip of Howl shining a torch in her face.
Guiding: Katy J Pearson in Howl’s music video. Photo: YouTube

Katy J Pearson is a truly amazing indie folk artist that I’ve followed for years. This video is beautifully shot. It starts with her telling a ghost story with a torch to her face – there’s something lovely about music videos when they can incorporate the mime of the song into the story. I kept seeing pictures of it on my social media: Katy J as a vampire, covered in blood and wearing this white dress. I finally watched it and I was not disappointed.

6. Snack


A bag of Takis.

Takis are my new favorite chips. The first time I had one was when [producer] Dan Carey went to the store while we were recording and came back with a package. These are rolled up tortillas and I swear to god on a crisp it has all the seasoning in a normal packet of potato chips – they are so spicy and rich and definitely above your recommended salt intake. They’re probably really bad for you, but I can’t stop eating them.

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