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BBorn in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1992, comedian and actress Rose Matafeo started doing stand-up comedy at the age of 15 and starred in a late-night comedy sketch. funny girls. In 2018 she won Best Comedy Show on the outskirts of Edinburgh with her show horndog. She regularly appears on TV shows and in 2020 played the lead role in a comedy feature film Baby done. Last year she created, co-wrote and starred in a BBC series Starstruck, a romantic comedy about a young woman who begins a relationship with a world famous actor played by Nikesh Patel. The second season begins on BBC Three’s new broadcast channel on Monday, with the entire series available on BBC iPlayer.


Spring awakening (Almeida)

“It’s so energetic.” Photography: Marc Brenner

My friend Emma got us tickets for New Year’s Matinee and I was blown away. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack obsessively ever since, then last night I saw it for the second time. It’s a mid-2000s musical based on a German play and is about youth, sex, and intimacy. It would be simplistic to say it’s exciting – it’s so much more than that. It’s so energetic, with an amazing young cast – Stuart Thompson, who plays Moritz in it, is amazing.


The World of Wong Kar-Wai (Prince Charles Cinema)

Wong Kar-Wai's Chungking Express.
Wong Kar-Wai’s Chungking Express. Photography: Aliyah

I’m going to the movies a lot right now – well, I’m still going to the movies a lot. London is a dream for a person like me: you have things like the BFI and smaller cinemas like the Castle or the Rio. There’s a Wong Kar-Wai series at Prince Charles right now and I went to see Chung King Express, Happy together and love mood within about two weeks. If you can’t see them in real life, you can buy the very expensive Criterion box set.


Akiko Yano

Akiko Yano
“Very, very inspiring”: Akiko Yano. Photography: Irohani Konpeitou

I love J-pop, Japanese pop, and I listen to a lot of Akiko Yano. She’s been very, very inspiring, especially her album covers: they’re the coolest things I’ve ever seen. My favorite album of hers is Piano every night, which is a good entry point, where she covers many other things. Her music is quite jazzy, with a bit of 80s YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) synth, and she has an amazing voice. It’s my kind of music – basically it’s what goes through my head when I walk around London.


This is Joan Collins (BBC iPlayer)

Collins with her then-husband Anthony Newley while filming Dr Dolittle (1967).
Collins with her then-husband Anthony Newley while filming Dr Dolittle (1967). Photography: Bettmann Archive

I really liked this little doco in which Joan Collins recounts her life. I love it: it’s the last of this golden age of Hollywood stars from an era of movies I’m obsessed with. My most prized possession is a signed copy of Can Heironymus Merkin ever forget Mercy Humppe and find true happiness?, which is a movie she was in with her husband at the time, Anthony Newley, and I have that on my wall. I often walk around listening to the voice of Joan Collins in the house. I think I’m nailing the print.


North exposure

Northern exposure television
‘Lovely and friendly and warm.’ Photography: Universal Studios Home Entertainment

I’m jumping into this show from the 90s: it’s a fish out of water story about a doctor who moves to the middle of nowhere in Alaska, where he meets lots of funny characters. It’s quite charming and friendly and warm and John Corbett is so handsome in it – I hate to focus on the hot guy but he’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find. It’s not streaming anywhere, so I bought a box set from a random website and had to buy a DVD player that reads the region code. So good luck if you want to find it.


Indian Veggie, London N1

Indian Vegetable Chapel Street N1
Photography: @indianveg / Instagram

I I haven’t been out for dinner in so long, but this is where I really want to go tonight. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, really cheap, and there are some very interesting signs on the walls – things like “Why quitting smoking will make you better at sex” or “Why vitamin C will give you cancer of one way or another”. It’s wild, but it’s delicious and I love it so much. In fact, it reminds me a lot of home: they do banana pakora, which is very similar to a Samoan food called panikeke, which are fried banana pancakes.

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