Omega X releases new “LOVE ME LIKE” EP

Hangyeom, Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk and Yechan debuted in Omega X in June 2021. On January 5, Omega X released an EP titled LOVE ME LIKE. The mini album features five songs and is the K-pop group’s second EP.

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Omega X released a new EP titled “LOVE ME LIKE”

On January 5, Omega X returned with a mini album titled LOVE ME LIKE. In total, the EP features five tracks, including a lead single of the same name.

The group also released a music video for “LOVE ME LIKE” alongside the EP. In the clip, Hangyeom, Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk and Yechan show off their dynamic dance moves.

The lyrics to “LOVE ME LIKE” ask the narrator’s lover to return their feelings back, and in the song Omega X sing, “My feelings are getting so big / Hope you feel the same, I hope that you want me too / Because that would be the biggest start in our history / Babe LOVE ME LIKE.

LOVE ME LIKE list of tracks:

  1. “LOVE ME AS”
  2. “Action”
  3. “12.24”
  4. “LIAR”
  5. “Please”

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K-pop group co-wrote songs on ‘LOVE ME LIKE’

On the group’s first EP VAMOS, Omega X participated in the writing of the lyrics for the track “Younger”. Of the five songs on LOVE ME LIKE, the band members co-wrote the lyrics for “LIAR” and “Please”.

In a press release, Jaehan said, “I think this album really shows our diversity as a band. Plus, I hope to show some new charm and a new side of Omega X that our fans haven’t seen yet, especially through our self-composed B-side tracks. I am grateful that we have the opportunity to present these songs.

Yechan also gave insight into songwriting on the album, saying, “I put my sincerity and my heart into every song I write, and ‘LIAR’ is no different. It’s a loving song for me, and I’m so happy and proud that it was included on this album. Hope FOR X finds our LOVE ME LIKE comparable album, and the album also brings us closer to our fans.

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What fans need to know about Omega X

Omega X debuted with Spire Entertainment on June 30, 2021, with their debut EP VAMOS. Following the release of VAMOS, Omega X released a single album titled What is going on.

Each member has already debuted with K-pop groups that have disbanded or are currently inactive. The group’s name combines the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega (Ω), with the letter X. Together, the two letters form a name that represents change and new opportunities.

Since their debut, Omega X has been nominated for several awards, including the Rookie Award – Male Group at the 2021 Hanteo Music Awards and the Rookie of the Year at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards and the 2022 Seoul Music Awards.

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