Nicki Minaj disputes Jessie J’s claim about how the rapper joined their song “Price Tag”

Nicki Minaj takes issue with the Jessie J version of events that led Minaj to join Jessie J and Ariana Grande on their 2014 hit “Bang Bang”. The rapper took to Twitter Thursday night to share a screenshot of an interview with Jessie J posted on Thursday. In the Charm article, Jessie J hinted that Minaj asked to contribute to the song – but Minaj says the opposite happened.

“Babe [Jessie J] I didn’t hear the song and asked 2get about it. The label asked me and paid me. How would I have heard the song? “Minaj wrote. “Chiiille what the fuck am I the song monitor? snooping for chili songs? [crying laughing emoji] This was also said recently by another artist. I must stop [red balloon emoji] I like you [kissy face emoji]. “

The 38-year-old “Super Bass” singer made it clear that she has no ill will towards Jessie J, Tweeter that she wished she could be a part of her 2011 song “Do It Like a Dude”, which Minaj’s friend Parker Ighile helped write and produce.

“Chi [crying laughing emoji] but the worst part is, i’ve NEVER been asked to go ‘like a guy’ and i’ve been obsessed with this song from the minute i heard it, ”Nicki wrote. the promo in the UK and I heard it on the radio. My artist Parker co-wrote it. I would have taken this 1 for pickle juice [pleading face]. “

In the interview, Jessie J said that producer Max Martin wrote “Bang Bang” and that after she and Grande both liked the song, Minaj also heard it and asked to contribute. “Max Martin wrote ‘Bang Bang’ and Ariana had played it, I had played it and we both loved it,” recalls Jessie J. “We just said, ‘Why don’t we do it not both? So Ariana stayed on the second verse, I recorded the first verse, then Nicki played it in the studio and said, “I have to jump on it.” We didn’t go to her to ask her, she wanted to. “

She gushed the first time she heard Minaj’s verse. “I will never forget: I was in my room in my flat in London, and I was sent the version with Nicki on it,” she said. “I just sat on the end of my bed holding my phone, staring at the floor, like, ‘How did I land this?’ I literally felt like I had won a competition. “

As of this writing, Jessie J does not appear to have responded to Minaj’s tweets.

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