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NewJeans has set a pre-order record for a K-pop girl group’s debut album, according to their label.

The five-member group released their first-ever music video “Attention” on YouTube last month under HYBE’s indie label ADOR (All Doors One Room).

NewJeans (ADOR)

On August 1, NewJeans released the digital version of their debut album “New Jeans” and the physical album is set to follow on August 8.

According to ADOR, pre-order volume for NewJeans’ album reached more than 444,000 copies in four days, the highest recorded sales in history for a debut album by a K-pop girl group. The physical album will only be available for purchase from the WeVerse Shop Global. The release on Weverse Shop Japan and Universal Music Japan will be on August 20.

The members of NewJeans are Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

The “New Jeans” album is a genre album that focuses on capturing the members’ vocals in a natural form.

The four-track album showcases the authentic, truthful characteristics of youth that naturally emanate from NewJeans’ all-teenage lineup, their agency added.

NewJeans took an unconventional approach with the release of “New Jeans” delivering three lead singles: “Attention”, “Hype Boy” and “Cookie”, along with the B-side track “Hurt”.

Since the release of their music video for “Attention”, an explosion of content has ensued – music videos for each of the tracks, including four versions featuring individual members of NewJeans in “Hype Boy”, for a total of seven videos in a short time since their release. launch.

NewJeans members actively engage fans on social media. “Phoning”, the recently launched interactive app, invites fans to join the exclusive NewJeans circle for more dynamic and closer interaction with members.



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