New School is in session with the latest 88rising girl group ‘Atarashii Gakko!’

‘Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders’, or internationally known as ‘Atarashii Gakko!’ (translated as “New School” in Japanese) is the latest J-pop group to sign with 88rising.

The American Multimedia Company is the same recording label that is home to global Asian artists like Joji and NIKI. The Japanese song and dance unit is made up of four members – Mizyu, Rin, Suzuka and Kanon.

Clockwise from top left corner – Kanon, Suzuka, Mizyu, Rin

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen another girl group enter the music scene, but there’s no shortage of reasons why you shouldn’t like them.

Atarashii Gakko!

Breaking down stereotypes

Unlike other groups whose choreography is set to perfection, this dance group of four members of ASOBISYSTEM is not afraid to do things differently.

Dressed in their iconic school uniform with ruggedness and unkempt sophistication, the odd and charming nature of the group is pleasantly fun to watch. Atarashii Gakko! reminds us of our youthful days, and they definitely show us what it means to be young and enjoy life – without the pressure of looking sharp all the time.

Chaotic and awesome self-choreographed dance moves

Their eclectic and chaotic movements paired with catchy tunes make this group indescribably charming and alluring.

All four members are actually trained in Kumitaiso, a form of acrobatic dance focused on teamwork and balance. Although the Japanese sports agency has considered banning this dangerous activity, many still believe that, from a cultural perspective, it helps build deep bonds and teamwork relationships.

They tell us about different aspects of Japanese life – in an interesting humor

88rising has also posted captioned videos for its international fan base to learn about different aspects of Japanese life. Their fun take on these informative videos can be seen in the Seishun Academy Cultural Series:

And the Japanese youth trilogy:

Start listening to their songs, in case you haven’t heard them yet.

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